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The Photographer – Indie Film


A reclusive photographer finds himself confronted with a disturbing reality after he becomes obsessed with following a young woman. Should he act and risk being discovered?

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Review Summary:

From beginning to end The Photographer captured my attention and held onto it. It had me captivated at the edge of my seat.

The Good:

Cinematography – The very first thing I noticed about The Photographer was how beautifully shot it was. In many independent films good recording equipment is too expensive so the end product turns out old and kind of unnatural. Much like a soap opera. But if someone showed me a scene or two from The Photographer I would have said that it came straight out of a multi-million dollar Hollywood production. From the quality of the video, the framing, and especially the movement I wasn’t only pleasantly surprised, but overjoyed to see a purely independent film look as gorgeous as this did.

The Story – Besides the synopsis I really can’t give anything away because this short film is a tight 10 minutes. So saying any more plot details would do it a great disservice. So I’ll just say that I absolutely loved it. The way it was able to capture my interest right from the beginning and hold it the whole way through was fascinating. It reminded me a lot of a Robin Williams movie called One Hour Photo. The difference is where One Hour Photo was good, this was great.

Acting – There isn’t much dialog in The Photographer. Partially because of the runtime and partially because of the story, but the little acting that is in it is phenomenal. The dialog in the script and the expressions on the actors all fit so perfectly. Once again it’s amazing how an indie film could get great results on such a low budget.

The Script – I usually don’t bring up the script in my reviews because I feel that a great movie is a combination of multiple elements coming together. But for some reason I find that much of the greatness of The Photographer came from the script. The dialog and the way the story unfolded was so perfectly written that it could easily make up for subpar acting and cinematography (which were also just as good). The only other thing I’ll say is that I loved how it used picture taking to drive the story. In a world filled with social media it is often difficult to fully comprehend what is going on in a photograph and, just as importantly, what is going on outside of it.

The Ehh & Ugh-ly:

I wish I had anything to say in this section. Not so that I can talk bad about a movie, simply so that I can give some notes to the filmmakers involved. The most that I can say is that I wish it was longer, but even then I think the length of the film added to its ability to captivate me for the entire runtime.


I’m going to be honest here: For every 10 independent movies I see, I’d probably only recommend 1 or 2 to general audiences. Most indie movies are meant to help filmmakers gain experience and get their name out in the industry, so they often aren’t mainstream enough for most people. Well, I’d recommend The Photographer to anyone and everyone! It’s a tight 10 minutes so it’s easily watched and it’s a good story that will connect with and captivate audiences. It’s a true accomplishment of filmmaking in every aspect. Round of applause to all those involved in making this wonderful short film. I expect great things in the future.

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