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I’ve always felt that movies are a form of escapism wherein you can flee your current life and surround yourself with interesting characters and unique locals. I enjoy watching all kinds of movies and choose not to be picky. I watch big-budget superhero, horror, indie, animated family films, B quality, or even the occasional rom-com. I watch it all because I truly respect the art and know that there were lots of people that put their hearts and souls into the product.

However, sometimes a film, no matter how much love is involved, fails to meet expectations. That’s where I jump in and break down “The Good,” “The Ehh” and “The Ugh-ly.” My purpose is to try to determine how the film succeeded and how it could have been better. I believe that this process can elevate the film industry and make the film going experience better for all.

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2018 Oscar: Big Winners and Big Snubs

Now that the full list has officially been released (here), let’s take a look at some of the winners and, ...
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2018 Oscars: Full List of Nominations

2018 Oscar Nominations have officially been revealed. So here they are for your pleasure. Let us know what you’re excited ...
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The Photographer – Indie Film

Synopsis: A reclusive photographer finds himself confronted with a disturbing reality after he becomes obsessed with following a young woman ...
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The Manual – Indie Film

Synopsis: A medium-length post apocalyptic film set in the distant future. James is the last human on Earth. He is ...
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It – Review

Quick Review: It is not only a creative reimagining of the popular novel by Stephen King, it is also one ...
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Brigsby Bear – Review

Quick Review: Every year an independent movie takes me by surprise because of its interesting plot, engaging characters, and intriguing ...
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The Hitman’s Bodyguard – Review

Quick Review: If a road trip movie featuring Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and Samuel L. Jackson’s character from Snakes on A ...
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Annabelle Poster

Annabelle: Creation – Unpopped Review

Quick Review: The Conjuring universe is continually expanding and I couldn’t be happier with this most recent addition that shows ...
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Attack of the Cyber Octopuses – Indie Film

Review Summary: While the length of Attack of the Cyber Octopuses muddles the story and scope, the visual style combined ...
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Dunkirk – Unpopped Review

Quick Review: Dunkirk is a visually and audibly stunning movie by Christopher Nolan that wonderfully depicts both tragic yet heartwarming ...
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Spider-man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Unpopped Review

Quick Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming understands both sides of the iconic character and delivers on every level. It also introduces the ...
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My Pet Dinosaur – Indie Film Review

Synopsis: When a young boy named Jake accidentally makes a new friend in an experiment gone wrong a troubled town ...
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What’s Next: The Mummy (Dark Universe)

The Mummy came onto the screens with a BIG... meh. So if Universal continues with their Dark Universe, what should ...
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What’s Next: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is both a financial and critical success. So what can we expect from a sequel? ...
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Everything, Everything – Unpopped Review

Quick Review: As a 30 year-old male, it's rare when I’m glad to have seen a movie based on a ...
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