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Making the Magic Happen Manikandan Mathivanan Cinematographer

_MG_7564Manikandan Mathivanan is one of the most promising young filmmakers out there. He started his filmmaking journey as a director but has since shifted into becoming a cinematographer and now he runs his own company called ‘PressPlay’. In a short period of time he has been able to showcase his filmmaking skills to a vast amount of people. In addition to that he has also been able to mix with some of the top people in the industry such as Domingo Zapata, Florian Picaso and Tyler James Williams. All of them are also in the brink of superstardom like him. Now it’s time to know what the man behind the creation of so many beautiful films has to say about his creations.
What is the motivation behind your journey of becoming a cinematographer?
-“I think it’s the opportunity to do something creative and put my work our their. That
is my biggest motivation. Because we live in a digital era where everyone is in need of
content. Regardless of the industry – whether its a bakeshop, law firm, or technology
start-up – they need content every day to inbound traffic to their website and attract
future client. I wanna be that guy who can help them to sell their ideas with my

Who is your inspiration?
-“I Think inspiration comes from yourself. Every day I wake up and look at myself in
the mirror and say hey you can do better. Keep your head high and hustle hard. I’m
self motivated, it makes me strong to take decision in difficult situation. You don’t
want to learn or depend on others failure or success story. You just need to learn from
your own mistakes. Learn from it and try to solve it.”


What is your cinematography style?
-“Usually people go from being a cinematographer to becoming a director. But I did
the exact opposite as I was a director before becoming a cinematographer. I think this
enabled me to capture the emotions and set up the tone much easily which let the
audience go through similar emotions as the characters in a film. Because I was also
able to think like a director while shooting a scene. So my frames speak to the
audience and there is a always a story behind it.”

What is your your advice for other creatives who wants to make in the media
-“In a business where much of the deal-making and negotiations are verbal, your word
and your reputation is EVERYTHING. The film industry is small. Everyone who is
established can easily make contact with anyone else or can get the straight scoop by
making a few calls. How much you are paid, your title on a project, how hard you
work, how honest you are, how you treat people— there are no secrets. The business

is populated by talkers. Even “enemies” communicate all the time. There is no place
to hide. If you are seen as creative, reliable, capable, and easy to work with, you will
find luck. If you are seen as difficult, high-strung, or irrational you will be known that
way even by people who haven’t met you. So always carry a good attitude because it
is one of your precious assets. Thats what has helped me a lot and made people to
wanna work with me.”

DSC08329 (1)
Tell us a little bit about your company PressPlay?
-“PressPlay was started by Me and Konstantin Frolov, he is like my mentor in this
industry. One of the reasons for starting the company was to establish as team and
grow together. Because as an individual you can’t be successful for a long time. We
are talented group of 6. Who are all into media business. At PressPlay, work isn’t just
about making a great television commercial, or producing a big budget music
video. We are always wandering out of our comfort zones. We are a curious
bunch. Ideas excite us. Possibilities excite us. The Future excites us.
We make things. And collaborate with others to make things. We collaborate with
clients, agencies, media companies, startups, charities and anyone else who has a
story to tell or an idea to sell. ”

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