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Hi I’m a Russian Journalist who is in love in movies!


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Making the Magic Happen Manikandan Mathivanan Cinematographer

Manikandan Mathivanan is one of the most promising young filmmakers out there. He started his filmmaking journey as a director ...
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Fashion film “Right”

This is the best era to be a filmmaker as the film industry is booming at the moment. Apart from ...
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A conversation with Christin Muuli about her role in “Color Blues”.

Ever since Christin Muuli’s one-liner-role a decade ago playing an old-fashioned town girl in a local play, the Estonian raised Los ...
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Terminal movie (2017)

Terminal is a short story surrounding a man who hasn’t lived a productive life, and soon it will come to ...
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Departure by Adriana Ledesma

We had the opportunity of speaking with Film Director Adriana Ledesma, who shared with us the experience she has had ...
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“Adaptation” – a short environmental documentary that gets us thinking

“Adaptation” is Ferid Hasbun’s first shot at a documentary, specially one dedicated to environmental issues. The approach taken on this ...
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Blue Apples - Short Film Review

Blue Apples is a touching short film that provokes your vision of art, through the eyes of a blind painter.

“Blue Apples” is a short drama film, about a blind painter, Violet. Ironically even girl’s name is a colour, which ...
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“Pumpkin” a heartbreaking short film made as a personal eulogy to friend

Paula Ferro Neves is a 23 years old filmmaker in Los Angeles that saw the opportunity to say goodbye to ...
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Red Velvet short film review

The Red Velvet received it’s sixteenth Official Selection at the Russian Horror Movie Awards

Eric and Rebecca have almost recovered from an ambiguous addiction. They invite their neighbors to a dinner party. However, one ...
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