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The Hollywood Effect – All Out Dysfunktion! Movie Review

All Out Dysfunktion movie review

All Out Dysfunktion! is a rather dark and twisted comedy crime drama. It is harsh, offensive, funny and dramatic all at the same time. This movie is not for the faint of heart, but it is a wild, enjoyable ride that you’re not likely to forget anytime soon.

What’s it all About?

This movie looks at a number of different types of people trying to make it in Hollywood. They all have large personalities and struggle to live together in a mansion where they rent rooms. Our roommates include an addict, a germaphobe, a misfit, a pervert, a sexpot and don’t forget the 70-year-old washed-up actress, landlady Clarelle. Clarelle tries to keep all the others in check, but they are desperate for their slice of fame and fortune and seem to be willing to go to any lengths to make it. Carrie, the struggling addict arranges to pay off drug debts by hosting a rave at the mansion, however, she needs to get all the other house mates to agree, and somehow get Clarelle out of the equation. Not an easy task considering nobody likes each other and Clarelle rules the house with an iron fist.


This movie is clearly split into two parts. The opening half is very bright and contains a lot of the comedic scenes. As I said it is not for the faint of heart, and doesn’t take long before we are on the set of an adult movie. This does give an opportunity for some good comedy action and the best laughs of the film. All of these huge characters interacting with one another along with the crew of the shoot make for some extremely entertaining scenes. The director, played by Yul Spencer, gives a scene stealing performance and is fantastic.

The second half of the movie turns darker, not just in tone, but visually as the mansion turns into a rave. The laughs vanish as the movie quickly takes a more serious turn. We see lots of drug-taking, dancing and people out of control. The rave contains a lot of unpleasant characters who we soon discover and we find that the connection these roommates have may be stronger than we all thought. The cramped conditions of the mansion make for some great filmmaking. The shots seem cramped and uncomfortable at times, much like being in a real rave, and you do get a sense of actually being there. The final scenes make the lighter tones of the movie just a distant memory.

In general this movie was extremely well shot with great presentation throughout, it was extremely well crafted. It is great when you find a movie that takes itself seriously and it shines through with this production. Everything from the bedrooms that the characters live in, to the party goers at the rave, the finer details are all there to make this world authentic and believable.

The movie contained a great variety of vastly different characters that were all grounded in their own way. I really enjoyed the characters we were presented with in the first half of the movie and we were given enough time to get to know these people so we were able to get behind them in the second half.

All Out Dysfunktion movie review

The Cast

Melinda DeKay played Clarelle, the landlord of the mansion. Melinda presented us with a very well-rounded character and give us a character who had ‘seen it all’ in her time and was not deterred by anything. She was strong-willed but was able to show a softer side during the movie, particularly when speaking with Tyrell.

Arsh Singh played Ranjit. I really enjoyed this character, Arsh seemed to have a great time playing this naive character. I loved the video chat with his father in particular. Arsh was great comic relief with some of the best scenes in the movie. He delivered an excellent performance and seems to be a natural when it comes to comic relief.

David Bianchi played Tyrell, as well as being the writer and executive producer. David does a fine job as the germaphobe Tyrell, in a character that developed throughout the movie. David was good with his comedic moments, but really shone in the second half of the movie when things became more serious.

Gatorpaw was played by Dan Sanders-Joyce. Gator was Clarelles godson, which is the reason why he is in the house. Dan was a good choice for the role and seemed to fit into the character and made it his own. He had some very unique hats during this movie! I thought the character was the weakest of the group, but that is in no way a bad thing, it just shows the strengths of the other characters.

Jen Pinto played Pleasure, and she gave a fantastic performance. The character had a lot of layers to it, which were slowly peeled back as the film progressed and we began to find out more about the real person underneath. Jen did a fantastic job with the character and demanded attention whenever she was there.

Carrie, the person responsible for the rave, was played by Angelica Chitwood. Another good performance from Angelica meant that she was immediately unlikable, however, she slowly turned that as the plot unfolded, and towards the end of the movie you couldn’t help but feel sorry for the character and the predicament she had herself in.

I also felt it was important to mention Yul Spencer, the porn director Mike Mix Under thunder. What a great character. Even though he was on-screen for a small amount of time he made a big impact and stole each and every scene he was in. He was give some fantastic dialogue which he delivered to his full potential.

All Out Dysfunktion movie review


All Out Dysfunktion is a movie that can shock, offend, make you laugh, make you cry and everything in between. Some really strong performances, excellent camera work and great production values gives a high quality film. This is definitely not a movie for anyone who is easily offended but if you can cope with the darker tones in this film you will get some good laughs from a story that will leave you moved by its conclusion.



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