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Snowflakes The Band Draws Attention To Climate Change


LA based band Snowflakes, upon learning of the alt-right’s use of its name as a derogatory term and the withdrawal of the USA from the Paris Climate Agreement performs shows of all environmentally themed songs

Indie rock band Snowflakes is launching a series of environmentally themed shows. After watching the alt-right commandeer the word snowflake as a derogatory term for supposedly overly sensitive millenial liberals, the duo of Martin Blasick and Natasha Blasick took the cause personally, not only because of their name but also because so many of their songs deal with environmentalism. In the wake of the recent USA pullout of the Paris Climate Agreement the band felt it was time to speak out from whatever podium they can.

Although the band has always written and performed environmental songs, the name Snowflakes came about from a decidedly non-politcal situation. Natasha’s bass guitar has markers on its fretboard that look like Snowflakes. And, so, in 2013 the band was born as a way for the husband and wife duo to have good times and express their creativity.

Martin searched the roots of snowflake as insult. Wikipedia’s “Generation Snowflake” entry refers to a scene in Fight Club that includes the line “You are not special. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake,” which appears to inspire its use as a slight against overly sensitive, politically correct young dems. Says Martin “regardless of your politics, we are all empirically unique in some way. Fingerprints are just an obvious example.” Lines from Snowflakes’ song “Glacial Pace” include We live in a terrarium/And we fooled around/Didn’t know what we’re doing/Burning everything we found.

“Playing rock and roll is a real unexpeted pleasure in my life” says Natasha, a native of Ukraine and pround immigrant to the United States. Ever since childhood Natasha has cared deeply about the Earth. “I always saw the United States as a leader. In regards to climate change the US should be a leader. I’ve been blessed in my life to try different things. I never envisioned myself as a rock and roller, but the more I do it the more I love it.”

Snowflakes environmentally themed songs include the titles “Earth Air Fire Water,” “Glacial Pace,” “Tree Hugger,” and “Burning.” Whimsy and playfulness are interspersed amongst the deeper themes.

Martin is a gold record awarded music producer for his work on Princess Diaries 2. Natasha is an actress who will be appearing next winter in Jamie Foxx’s directorial debut, All-Star Weekend, acting in scenes with Foxx, Gerard Butler, Jeremy Piven and Eva Longoria.

“To quote the Rolling Stones, it’s only rock-n-roll,” says Martin. “But we each have only one chance at life, and if we don’t take care of the planet we could destroy the human race in a few short generations.”

“Consider this a friendly reminder,” says Natasha. on on on on on on Youtube
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