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Movie-Bloggers Most Wanted - Filmigo'sFor this weeks edition of Movie-Blogger’s Most Wanted we were lucky enough to travel all the way to Minneapolis, MN, USA to catch up with our good friend David Rodemerk, who is better known in the Movie-Blogging world as Filmigos. We had a great catch up over a few to many Jack Daniels and Coke, while discussing The Godfather, Spaceballs and getting the inside scoop into the making of a Filmigo’s movie vlog.

Hi David, how are you doing today?

Doing very well! Planning my next movie review.

Excellent, we are looking forward to seeing it.

You were unofficially our first Movie-Vlogger, before movie vlogging was a part of the site. What inspired you to start making video’s of movie reviews?

I had started a blog back in 2013 on my website. But I wasn’t getting many views. I started looking at other movie reviews on YouTube and figured I could come up with a fun way of reviewing movies.

Sometimes I think a little inspiration is important, and where better to get it from than the internet.

What was the first movie you ever reviewed and what score did you give it?

My first review was “G.I. Joe: Retailiation” and I gave it a RENT. I rate movies by THEATER, RENT, or AVOID.

You can see how I’ve improved since then. The sound is horrible!

It’s great to see how far you have come in such a short time.

Paulie Popcorn is a very likaeble guy, where did your inspiration for him come from?

Thank you, Paulie is one-of-a-kind! I was watching a movie, and was trying to think of a goofy character that would stand out from other movie reviewers on YouTube. The guy next to me dropped his popcorn bucket, and it landed upside down. I wondered, “Will that fit on my head?” I went to a store and purchased several popcorn buckets. Experimented with a few faces. And Paulie Popcorn was born. But he needed an edge. Sort of like a bully. I like gangster movies. Especially the Sopranos. And everyone knows Paulie Walnuts from the show who was tough guy and didn’t like to spend money. So there’s a little Paulie Walnuts in Paulie Popcorn.

That’s an interesting story, it’s good to know where he came from. Sometimes ideas can just come out of nowhere.

A lot of people don’t really know how much time and effort goes into making video’s. How long does it take you to make a video from start to finish?

The reviews take about 6-8 hours from start to finish. Half is spent on shooting the video, and the other half is spent on editing. Sometimes more is spent on the editing.

So shooting and editing these video’s are a lengthy process.

Do you get satisfaction from sitting back and watching a completed video once it has been uploaded to the internet?

There’s no greater feeling than watching something that was once an inkling of an idea in your head get seen by thousands of other people.

And we get great satisfaction from watching them!

What is your favourite movie franchise and why?

Hands down, The Godfather trilogy. Other than Star Wars, no other franchise is such a household name. People quote the Godfather all the time, and you see spoofs of it everywhere. Coppola did an amazing job of showing the the good and bad of the mafia. Making us relate the character of Michael Corleone, and feeling every thought and action he made throughout the movies. Each movie, he deals with some sort of power struggle, and has to come to grips with it. Good or bad.

We can’t argue with you, this is one of the most well known franchises of all time, there’s no denying it.

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take one movie with you, what would it be and why?

Spaceballs. I know The Godfather is my favorite movie. But if I’m stuck on an island, I want some time to laugh. It’s one of the greatest comedies of all time. If this island has a TV, why would I ever leave?

We sure wouldn’t want to! Being huge Star Wars fans we can’t help but love Spaceballs. “May the schwartz be with you!” Great choice.

How do yo prefer to watch your movies, Cinema or at home?

I will always prefer the Cinema. Something about the lights dimming down before the show starts. Laughing with a crowd, and watching all the action and drama on that giant screen. Sure, at home you can sit down, pause, make a sandwich, go to the bathroom when you want. And there’s some movies that watch better when you’re on the couch. But you never get that feeling like you are part of the movie when you watch it in the theater.

We agree, the cinema is a special place.

When your not watching movies do you watch tv series? and if so what are you currently watching?

I watch TONS of tv. I’m currently getting caught up on Season 3 of House of Cards, started Season 3 of Game of Thrones, just finished watching the last episode of Walking Dead. My guilty pleasure is How to Get Away With Murder.

You sound like you got a hectic tv schedule.

Favourite director?

Martin Scorsese

Favourite actor?

Robert DeNiro

Favourite actress?

Meryl Streep

Excellent choices!

Are there any actors/actresses who you simply cannot tolerate on screen? and if so, why?

Hands down. Sandra Bullock. She plays the same girl-next-door persona with different twists in each of her movies. If you watch her in CRASH, she’s an amazing actor! Just decides to do all these fluff films. Sorry Sandra, all your movies are AVOIDS for me.

Ah, poor Sandra! Although, she does seem to get an awful lot of type-casting.

What movie character resembles you the most?

Paulie Walnuts

We’ll be sure not to get on your wrong side then.

What movie are you looking forward to the most this year?

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron!

Me too! The trailers look amazing, I have a feeling it will top The Avengers on the Box Office as well.

Other than, where else can we find you on the net?

You can find me on,, and

Excellent. Thanks for taking part David we have had a great time catching up with you and maybe had one to many Jack Daniels, I think we will have a sore head tomorrow! on on on on on on Youtube
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