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Movie Blogger’s Most Wanted – The Twiz

Movie-Blogger's Most Wanted - The TwizHello, and welcome back to ‘Movie-Blogger’s Most Wanted’! Back and bigger than ever for 2015!

This week we headed over to Southern California to relaunch Season 2 in style. We managed to meet up with The Twiz, who also introduced us to his jug of water, who just happens to have its own Facebook and Instagram page! We had a great conversation about Back to the Future, Charlize Theron and the magic of American Gafitti.

Hi Twiz. It is great to finally catch up with you, how are you doing today?

Great! How about you??

Yeah, I am good thanks for asking.

What inspired you to start making movie reviews?

That’s actually a funny story. Back in 2010 my New Year’s resolution was to watch every wide release movie in theaters. I started a blog for every movie I saw and it took off from there. I just felt like a lot of big time critics’ views were differing from my own. Then I had actually stopped reviewing movies for a few years until the summer of 2013 when I created my “Twizard Rating System” which scores movies based on a detailed 100 point system compiled from different attributes of a particular film. You see, wine is graded on a 100 point system, so why shouldn’t something as equally complex as film do the same? It also makes it easier upon rewatches to add points here and there without forgetting why I gave it that specific grade the first time around.

The Twizard rating system is a great idea, and it also allows you to make sure each movie is scored in the same way. Its an awesome approach!

What was the first movie you ever reviewed, and what score did you give it?

2010’s “Leap Year” with Amy Adams …I gave it a C- back then, but I’m pretty sure it would be a little lower now.

Leap Year, I have never seen that one before, although I definitely know who Amy Adams is!

What is your favourite movie franchise and why?

“Back to the Future” and “Bill & Ted” (I’m not sure if that counts since there are only 2 installments, but I’m hoping for a third!)

Two amazing choices. Back to the Future is a favorite at HQ. We even have our very own DeLorean, although it is only a minature, and we highly doubt the Flux Capacitor works.

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take one movie with you, what would it be and why?

That’s really tough. I have my “Favorite Five” but if I could really only pick just one I’d have to say the first Back to the Future because it’s all about making it back home. And I’d get to experience the ’80s and the ’50s in the same movie.

Excellent choice. I think I would make the same one.

When your not watching movies do you watch tv series? and if so what are you currently watching?

Right now I’m hooked on The Goldbergs. It’s hilarious! I’m also a big David Letterman fan, and I’m really sad to see him retire.

Ah, I have never seen The Goldbergs before, maybe I will check that one out.

How do yo prefer to watch your movies, Cinema or at home?

Definitely at the cinema!

Favourite director?

Steven Spielberg or Robert Zemeckis (I seriously need him to come out with more movies)

Good choice, I am sensing a Back to the Future influence here.

Favourite actor?

New school: Will Smith and Shia LaBeouf. Old school: Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen, excellent choice!

Favourite actress?

Charlize Theron or Susan Sarandon

Charlize Theron looks bad-ass in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Are there any actors/actresses who you simply cannot tolerate on screen? and if so, why?

Katherine Heigl. There’s just something about her I can’t stand.

What movie character resembles you the most?

I’d probably say Curt Henderson from American Graffiti. We’re both really nostalgic and hate change.

American Graffiti, I have never seen that in ages.

What movie are you looking forward to the most this year?

Furious 7

So are we, it is just a tragedy what happened to Paul Walker.

Other than, where else can we find you on the net?

You can check out more of my reviews at or
But I’m also a songwriter, so if you’re curious you can find me at

We will have to check you out on Soundcloud, that sounds interesting.

Well, we will have to shoot off, but it has been awesome catching up with The Twiz. We highly recommend taking a look at some of the reviews by The Twiz and also the unique Twiz Rating System it is great! on on on on on on Youtube
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