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Kingsman: The Golden Circle Summary & Review

Kingsman - The Golden Circle

In times where the world is in danger, normal police officers are not enough to protect us. That’s why countries have special forces trained to handle these situations. There are always specially trained agents ready to protect their respective parts of the world. There may even be secret organizations we don’t even know about. That is the subject of Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

In the sequel to the hugely successful Kingsman: The Secret Service, we meet Eggsy (Taron Egerton) a year after becoming a member of the British secret agency Kingsman. When they are targeted by an international drug dealer named Poppy (Julianne Moore), Eggsy and fellow agent Merlin (Mark Strong) are forced to team with the Statesman, an American counterpart to the Kingsman. Together, they will attempt to stop Poppy from unleashing a reign of terror upon the world.

Like most people, I didn’t expect the first Kingsman film to be as great as it was. I didn’t think it looked that great from the trailers, but it ended up being a really fun time at the movies. It was probably one of the most surprising movies I had ever seen before. So of course, when the sequel was announced, I had high expectations. Luckily, I felt my expectations were met. Kingsman: The Golden Circle is every bit as fun as the first movie.

First off, I loved the performances. I thought everyone was perfectly cast in their roles. I loved Taron Egerton, and I believe he’s one of the better young actors of the moment. I thought the best performance of the film was Julianne Moore as Poppy. Her villain was just as well developed as Samuel L. Jackson’s villain in the first. But I found Poppy to be more menacing that Jackson. This made her a better villain, in my opinion.

I also really loved the humor of the film. Like most comedies, there’s a fair amount of swearing and sexual jokes in this movie. However, unlike most comedies, Kingsman doesn’t entirely rely on that kind of humor. Much of the humor comes from the intense chemistry between the characters. Their believable friendship makes us happy to see them, and we want them to win.

One of the best things about both Kingsman films is the action. This series is one of the few today to have its own distinct style to it. Director Matthew Vaughn knows how to make the films stand out from other action films like these. When you see his movies, you know he made them. This felt like a breathe of fresh air with The Golden Circle, especially with all the lackluster films that came out this summer.

The Golden Circle also did something that most sequels don’t try to do. It continued the story without repeating what the first movie did. This one did an amazing job of standing on its own as the second film in the Kingsman franchise. Most sequels just repeat the same story and add some new elements to it. This movie was a completely new story that never once tried to copy the first movie.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle was, in this reviewer’s opinion, just as exciting and hilarious as the first movie. I think this movie suffered from “High Expectation Syndrome.” No one expected the first movie to be great, but when it was, they expected the sequel to be even better. When they didn’t get that, they panned the film. Just because this one wasn’t better than the first, didn’t make it bad. Kingsman is still one of the best and most unique action franchises of modern cinema.

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