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Godzilla movie review

Ok. I’m not really a big fan of Godzilla. I’m at least familiar with his movies, and all I wanted to see from this movie is just some monsters wrecking crap. AND BOY WAS I SATISFIED!!!!!! This movie had plenty of flaws and nitpicks, but honestly, I don’t give a crap. this movie was freaking Awsome.

I noticed something that was bugging many people on the internet, that Godzilla really isn’t in the movie that much. While I don’t deny that (I think I saw somewhere in the youtube comments section that he’s only in movie for a total of 26 minutes) there’s still plenty other things to see. For one, (minor spoiler) there’s more than one monster in this movie.

For two, while the human characters aren’t the best, they’re still given stuff to do. This movie would be much worse, but most of the acting is pretty good. Aaron Taylor Johnson is ok, but his character never really has much personality. Elizabeth Olsen is good, but isn’t given much to do. Bryan Cranston is great, but not in the movie that much and Ken Wantanabe is pretty good too.

For three, I think by not having Godzilla in the movie that much, it makes the scenes with him even better. I mean seriously, every time he was on-screen he just killed it. So in my opinion, there isn’t really a lot of action scenes in this movie as there are destruction scenes. Don’t get me wrong, we do get actual monster on monster action near the end, and it’s glorious, but everything else is kind of just the monsters wrecking crap. However that doesn’t matter becuase even the monsters just wrecking stuff is amazing. You really get a feel for how huge these monsters really are. Especially Godzilla himself. I mean jeeze, HE’S FREAKING GIANT. Just seeing this guy on-screen for the first time is mind-blowing.

Story is actually pretty good. I feel like given the circumstances these people are put in, this is probably what would play (for the most part). I’m not saying this is 100% what would happen if giant monsters showed up at our doorstep, but maybe something like this might play out. Maybe.

All in all, Godzilla was great. If you’re bored and just want to have a fun time, go see this. It doesn’t matter if you’re familiar with him or not. You’ll still probably at least get something out of this.

The Media Fire gives this Movie 8.1/10

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