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Get Out Summary & Review

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When you are dating someone, meeting their parents is one of the most stressful stages of the relationship. You never know if they will except you. It may be even harder when your black. Race is a very sensitive topic in our society today. So it may be weird for their parents to see them in an interracial relationship. That is the very subject tackled in Get Out, the directing debut of Key & Peele co-creator Jordan Peele.

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is about to meet the parents of his caucasian girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams). He is worried that her parents (Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford) will not accept their interracial love, despite her claims that they are not racist. Upon arriving at their estate in the woods, Chris has an immediate, uneasy feeling, and is off-put by their helpers, Georgina (Betty Gabriel) and Walter (Marcus Henderson). It becomes clear that something is very wrong with this family, and finds that a little more than a family get-together is in store for him.

I was really excited for this movie, especially since it’s getting great reviews (uncommon of most modern horror movies). Now I am struggling to figure out what everyone was talking about. In my opinion, this movie was pretty boring. I didn’t find any of the situations or dialog engaging, and none of the jokes were funny. I also found it really predictable. I guessed the twist about halfway through, and the parts I didn’t get have been done so many times before.

I didn’t think there was any reason for us to root for any of the characters, even Chris. None of them did anything for me to really care about them. I also didn’t really like his friend, Rod. He didn’t belong in this movie. It felt like he just walked on set from some nearby comedy and decided to be in this dark, serious movie.

Speaking of mood, this movie’s biggest problem was the tone. I understand what Jordan Peele was trying to create, but he didn’t know whether this movie should have been a comedy or a horror. It didn’t make sense to have a dark and serious atmosphere, then have all your characters throwing one-liners everywhere. It is possible to make a comedic horror movie, but it needs to be a healthy mix, not a conflicting series of tones.

Get Out was a very disappointing film. With characters I couldn’t really care about, a predictable, unoriginal story, and a very confused tone, this movie just didn’t know what it wanted to be. I really wanted to see if Jordan Peele could make a great horror movie, and I really wanted to agree with the critics, but this movie just didn’t work for me.

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