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Batman & Bill

BatmanAndBillRecently, Hulu released an original documentary called “Batman & Bill”. It was part documentary and part fan love story. This is the story of the uncredited co-creator of the famed DC hero Batman.

For over 70+ years, comic book readers have known Bob Kane to be the lone creator of the Batman. But there were whispers among the comic book community. They were saying that he wasn’t the lone creator, there was another. His name was Bill Finger. This documentary talks about how one man (a mega fan), Marc Tyler Nobleman. When he was writing a book on Batman came upon some stories of there being another person who had created the superhero, Batman. For many months, like a detective, he went through “historical” documents, audio tapes and other pieces of information to find proof. In his search, he came across a big discovery. I won’t say anymore so as not to spoil this great mystery in comic book history. There were some sad moments in the story. But it did come with a happy ending.

The documentary was directed by Don Argot and Sheena M. Joyce. Throughout the documentary, you will see old video clips, interviews with famous comic book artist, writers and some famous comic book fans. One of the interesting things of this documentary, was that much of the documentary was told in a comic book format (drawings, panels, speech & thought balloons and much more). This documentary was a bit of a surprise to me. The surprise was not from the documentary itself, but from the discovery of another creator of one of my favorite characters. As a comic book fan, I have heard of such a person. I did not believe it at the time because neither Warner Brothers, DC nor Bob Kane admitted that the rumor was true. It was interesting to see the hard work, pulling aside the veil of lies. To find out the real truth on one of the most resilient characters in comic book lore.

In conclusion, I believe that you will enjoy the documentary and cheer for the good guy to win. If you can, try to catch it on Hulu by clicking on the link below.

Enjoy. And don’t forget the popcorn and soda. 😉

(Check Out Batman & Bill on Hulu.)

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