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Author: Movie-Freak

Crawl (2019)

You’re not my coach anymore, dad. That top predator crap doesn’t help. Did you think the last “Lake Placid” episode from the eponymous franchise was downright worthless, stupid
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Aterrados (2017)

They were human voices. What did they tell you? That they were going to kill me. In Argentinian, they say “Aterrados“. It’s “Terrified” in English. And yes, some
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Look away (2018)

I’m everywhere where you are. Whenever you see yourself, what you really see is me. There are large numbers of films in which mirrors play a crucial role.
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Greta (2018)

I have been in this well of loneliness, this black hole. Maybe it drove me a little mad. We were meant for love, Frances, not this terrible isolation.
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Harmony (2018)

Even in love, there’s fear. You can’t have one without the other. Do you know that feeling when you drove with your bike somewhere, look surprised at a
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