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Afterworld – Complete Web Series

Afterworld Complete Web Series

We highly recommend this post-apocolyptic web series ‘Afterworld’. Origianlly released in 2012, this series is set in the year 2025 nd follows a couple Raize and Sora as they fight to survive in this world gone maed!

Aferworld stars David Zuckerman, Chelsea Taylor Leech, John Reid Adams, James Ham, Allison Farrell, and David Raizor. Written and Directed by David Zuckerman.

Episode 1 – Dead End

The year is 2025, and the world has ended. Couple, Raize and Sora fight to survive in this new Post Apocalypse. Originally released in 2012, now reworked with an original score by the great, Phonetic Hero.

Episode 2 – Homeward

Separated, Raize and Sora must find their way back to each other. However, the road home isn’t always an easy one.

Episode 3 -Salvation

The Third Installment in our Afterworld films. Still trying to survive in the new, Dead-world, Raize and Sora find themselves in a new quarrel…with Illness.

Episode 4 – Survival

At Doctor Allan’s commune…Raize and Sora find peace…but only for a moment. The villainous Roland has other plans for our heroes. In this epic chapter, follow our post apocalyptic characters fight for their lives…fight to survive! on on on on on on Youtube
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