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6 points about Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope movie review

6 points about:

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

So I am writing this review without any internet connection. If you are reading this, I have obviously fixed the problem. If you follow me twitter you will see my moaning about how awful this connection-less period has been. Anyway enough of my problems let’s talk about some Star Wars baby! We are going to be running through every Star Wars movie in the build- up to Rogue One, which comes out on the 15th December. So to start things off, Episode IV: A New Hope initially came out in 1977 titled simply as Star Wars. This was obviously changed with the blasted changes that George Lucas made. Han shot first dammit! Anyway, this iconic movie introduced to all of our favourite characters, the force, lightsabres, the dark side and the whole ins and outs of Star Wars. So let’s dive into my 6 points about the first ever Star Wars movie.

1. This is such an awesome story.

It’s just so damn clever isn’t it? Honestly this is an amazing story of good vs evil. We are introduced to origin of Luke Skywalker, one of the most iconic fictional characters ever, and his journey to becoming a Jedi master. We see how Luke develops in this story and these circumstances. He literally loses everything in this movie and you can really see why he would gain these motives to become a Jedi knight. At first he seemed happy to go along with whatever Obi Wan told him to do, and we see as he starts to lose everything close to him, and he witnesses his life change, we see his motives grow stronger and stronger. Down to the core, it really is genius storytelling. Some of the side stories with the likes of Han and Leia are just as good as Luke’s. Seeing the initial story and battle of good vs evil is so brilliant and it really all is genius storytelling by George Lucas.

2. The empire is treated as the most menacing thing ever.

How they handled the empire and the empire was portrayed fantastically. A lot of the time, villains aren’t really portrayed as the most menacing thing ever to exist. They just kind of have some bad motives. The empire is the complete opposite, and while we still understand why they are doing why they’re doing what they’re doing, we get to see just how bad these guys are. Vader is at the centre of all of this, along with Tarkin, and these guys are just truly evil. It was so refreshing to watch literally the best bad guys ever and seeing how they go about their business is so great. Lucas really made the empire stick in everybody’s memory, and the events that ended this one, leaves you wondering what might happen next.

3. The characters on show are amazing.

I already spoke about Luke and how just simply amazing his story was, but this is not all about him. Seeing Han Solo for the first time is so good and straight away we know what this character is going to be like. I personally loved seeing how, deep down he really is a decent man, but he shows off this brash personality. Some people don’t like the scene with Jabba the Hut, but I really thought it added to both characters. I feel that Leia is done more justice in the following movies but she still plays an important role on this adventure. She showed off her leadership and flirtatious personality straight away, and this is a great start in getting to know this character. I talked about Vader above, but seeing how this great villain isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty is so refreshing to see. Tarkin is a very under-rated character, and had a leash on Vader at all times. The whole rebellion squad played their part, but I feel that Obi-Wan might just be my favourite character in this movie. I loved his pearls of wisdom and seeing him begin Luke’s training was fantastic. His interaction’s with everybody was excellent to see and just might be my favourite part of A New Hope. That is a hard choice though.

4. The acting was great.

Sir Alec Guinness was probably the best performance in this movie, which probably added to my enjoyment of this character. He deservedly got an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Obi Wan. One of the most iconic performances of all time by an absolute legend. Mark Hammill grew into his character as the movie progressed and seemed to get comfortable as the he learned more about Luke and from his acting peers. Harrison Ford shines more in the future movies but was still excellent in this movie. There was also a solid performance from Carrie Fischer as Leia. All the voice actors were excellent. They all provided some of the most iconic voices in movie history so good job guys.

5. There are some problems but nothing to ruin anything in the movie.

Look, there are a few dodgy points in the movie. Some of the dialogue doesn’t hold up as well some of the action scenes. There was more potential with the Obi Wan and Vader fight, as well the last battle outside the Death Star. They were both still amazing, just they don’t hold up as well compared some of the other movies. Despite my comment about the dialogue, this is the most quotable movie of all time. So many iconic moments and phrases take place in this movie, all of which I quote in my daily life. This is an old movie, so obviously not everything holds up, but it still offered such an amazing start to this universe.

6. Overall, this movie is absolutely amazing.

As I said above, not everything hols up today, but this is such an iconic movie, filled with iconic moments, scenes and characters that it’s hard to find any negatives. I’m a huge Star Wars fan and seeing how it all began is brilliant to watch. Can’t praise this high enough.

I am going to cut to the chase and give Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope a 10/10.

So obviously, The Empire Strikes Back will be the next movie to do. Can’t wait to get my internet up and running and to share this with you guys.

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