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Fashion film “Right”

This is the best era to be a filmmaker as the film industry is booming at the moment. Apart from the big blockbuster movies of Mani_Headshotmajor film studies, small independent films are also doing tremendously well. Because in the modern era of technology, tools required to showcase one’s filmmaking talent is easy to get by. Thus a lot of great filmmakers are coming from independent film background. Marvin Akanyi and Manikandan Mathivanan are two such filmmakers who are on the brink of stardom. They have a wide range of experience in making movies of different genres. Their most recent film is called Right which is a fashion film. As it is a fashion film, the main focus was to make it an eye candy while adding plot points which intrigues the audiences.

Newyear20172018 (71 of 102)There are many groups of friends throughout the world who dream of becoming filmmakers together. But these dreams very rarely materializes as very few of them even have the courage to take the initiative to start working towards their goal. Marvin Akanyi and Manikandan Mathivanan are not like most people. They had a dream of creating art and thus they have been working tirelessly to reach that goal step by step. After each step they became much closer to their goal as they improved their existing skills and added additional skills to their arsenal. They have collaborated with each other and created the comedy fashion film titled ‘Right’. Marvin Akanyi is the writer and director of the film. He is originally from Nigeria. On the other hand, Manikandan Mathivanan is a Director of photography from India based in Los Angeles. Now that the film is complete, it is time for their judgment period as both of them will get to see the feedback from other people.Right_2

There is always a story behind the idea of a new movie. In case of Right, that is also true. Right follows the story of a young girl who was taking a driving test but along the road her car broke down. Determined to get her license, she defied strict instructions from her examiner and walked the rest of the test. This simple but unusual story got hold of Marvin IMG_2809Akanyi’s head when he had a similar encounter when he took his roommate to the DMV for driving test. At that moment he knew that this could be a great plot point for the movie and three months later the movie was created. Marvin’s talent of shaping a simple story into a movie is praiseworthy. As very few people can see a small idea and shape it into a movie. Moreover, he just didn’t make the movie for the sake of it, he shaped it into an enjoyable adventure. He knew that there was something lacking in the original plot of the movie and something was needed to be added so that it can stand out from the average flicks. Thus he added comedy in the equation and it worked wonders. His blend of comedy with simple storytelling made Right into 2an unexpectedly enjoyable movie and a must watch for any new filmmaker.

A director’s work is incomplete without the help of a cinematographer. Luckily for Marvin, Manikandan helped him to bring his vision on screen as beautiful visuals.

For Mani films have always been a developing piece of art that has brought greater understanding about life. Having obtained a Master degree in Filmmaking and New Media producing in Los Angeles, he has opened to whole world of independent authentic story telling and appreciating creative contents. This has helped him to become a collaborator and respectful for opinions. He also strongly believes that every frame in a film is like a painting and each frame should have a story on its own.

For Right, Manikandan set a vintage look and shot every scene with bright vibrant colors. Manikandan set a strict routine for shooting at a specific time of the day to capture the

natural lighting. He even went a week prior to observe the location with sunlight and decided the time frame for each scene. This scheduling was the best cost effective way to Right_3accommodate the look Marvin wanted in all the scenes. As they were shooting in middle of big streets in Los Angeles, Manikandan was not restricted from using big cameras or lights. He took this as a challenge and shot the whole movie with OSMO mini in plain daylight with small reflector to get some nice backlight.

Judging from the quality of Right, this dynamic duo has a lot more to offer in the not too distant future. They are planning to shoot another fashion film soon and have also started their own production company called PressPlay. So the future is bright and full of possibilities for them.

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