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The Endgame is afoot…

How do you start reviewing a film like this eh? So much happens, and yet we can't talk about it ...
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Finally a comedy where you’ll die laughing

It's easy to forget, but every now and then this great nation of ours — when it isn't busy throwing ...
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Foy’s on form as Lisbeth returns for more revenge

We have talked on this blog on more than one occasion about film trailers — sometimes they get our hopes ...
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Widows bring the heist movie back to life

Occasionally, just occasionally, we manage to get off our arse and actually get to see the film we've been looking ...
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A genuine kind of movie magic

The rock biopic is, we find, a funny ol' bugger of a genre. With some bands, it doesn't even need ...
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Great place to be having some Bad Times

Every now and then, and it seems to be happening less and less sadly, a trailer will come along that ...
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Venom’s not toxic but it does lack bite

And so the Marvel universe continues to expand, this tile with a little help from Sony as super-villan and part-time ...
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A star is reborn again

"Remind me again why we are going to see A Star Is Born..." "Because you usually choose and I want ...
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Long wait leads to an Incredibles disappointment

We have often wondered if you really need to see a Pixar film on the big screen. Some films, sure, ...
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Lessons from the past echo into the future

As we may have mentioned around these parts before, in this day and age it's nigh impossible to go and ...
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Statham fighting a shark is just Meg-a fun

"Right, I'm going to be in town", announces one The Bas. "What films should we see?" Well, we had been hoping ...
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Marvel continue to fly high with Ant-Man And The Wasp

We'll be honest, we've held back from rushing to see this for a couple of reasons — mainly for fear ...
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Spy comedy caper left firing blanks

You know, sometimes, all you want is to kick back, relax, not have to think too much and laugh your ...
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Making sixth Mission a fun romp proves Impossible

And so, finally, as the list of films we had to catch up on is scrunched up and thrown to ...
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Ryan dives back in to the Deadpool

And so we crawl, muttering and mumbling, to Deadpool 2 — a film we genuinely had no interest in seeing, ...
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