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My name is Sean McConville, I am passionate individual with 5 years of film studies and film making experience behind me and a lifelong interest in the art of film. I have made and been involved with many films during my time as a graduate of the Newport Film School, one of the many well respected film schools in the UK in 2016.

After graduating, I turned my attention to writing film reviews to insure that I never lost sight of my love for film.

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Downton Abbey Review

Yet another show I never watched during its prime. Well, not exactly. Whilst I’m not familiar with the specifics of ...
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It Chapter Two Review

I didn’t put this film on my 5 most anticipated list, however, if I were to include more numbers, It ...
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Mrs Lowry & Son Review

I wonder if Timothy Spall has made it his mission to play every great British painter on film. After his ...
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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Review

If you haven’t seen the illustrations to the book of the same name, I urge you to do so, because ...
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Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood Review

Quentin Tarantino is undeniably a smart director in both senses of the word. He is very knowledgeable about cinema and ...
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Blinded by the Light Review

If you are British and haven’t seen Bend it like Beckham, 1. Why haven’t you watched Bend it like Beckham? ...
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Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw Review

One thing I can credit the Fast and Furious franchise on doing is changing the image of their franchise for ...
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The Current War Review

I thought I had seen this film advertised before, and my hunch was right. The Current War was supposed to ...
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The Lion King Review

Before I start this review, first a truce. I’d describe The Lion King as a “live-action” remake but I’m not ...
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Stuber Review

Any essential ingredient of a ‘buddy cop’ style action/comedy film is stressing the opposites. This film would have flown under ...
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Midsommar Review

Is it just me or is the horror genre going through a kind of renaissance period? It used to be ...
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Yesterday Review

When a premise catches your eyes, it simply cannot be ignored. Yesterday had me hooked with an interesting concept that ...
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Toy Story 4 Review

It's interesting how many people are comfortable with the number 3. In film, audiences always seem to feel like the ...
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Men in Black: International Review

Let’s be honest here, the 1997 Men in Black has not aged well. However, what has stood the test of ...
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Dark Phoenix Review

Is this an end of an era type scenario we’ve entered? Ever since the Disney acquisition of Fox, the X-men ...
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