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I’m Peter, 49 years (turning 50 this year, yes) and living in Belgium. I’m married with Veronika and together we have two lovely kids , Karolien (6y) and Filip (4y).

I’m a big movie-fan. I’ve been watching movies all my life and lost count of how many I saw till now. There isn’t a genre I don’t like (apart from those chick flicks and musicals). I do love horror,SF and fantasy the most. And preferably the low-budget creations. I just wanted to write down my opinion about those I saw.

That’s why I created a blog on blogger. It’s fun writing for it. Weekly you’ll see new movies being added to it. A suggestion or a correction is always welcome, since my English isn’t that perfect 🙂


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My Posts

Pledge (2018)

Do I tuck my shirt in? I don't care, you look like you're gonna fix the computer anyway. This straightforward ...
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Big Legend (2018)

I don't believe in fairy tales. Another film about the legendary Sasquatch, better known as Bigfoot. A few months ago ...
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Bullitt County (2018)

Anything buried out there, is meant to stay buried. "Bullitt County" isn't really an easy film. To be honest, I ...
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Brightburn (2019)

Take.. The.. World. Take the world. Superhero-movie-haters unite. Run to a nearby movie theater to see this movie. Because "Brightburn" ...
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Avengement (2019)

So...prison turned you into a stone-cold killer, did it? Nah, prison didn't. You and my brother did. I've just seen ...
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The Outsider (2018)

When you dishonor your boss and you want to show remorse, you give your finger. It’s called otoshimae. I see ...
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Maria (2019)

She's still alive. Who's she? Lily. Lily's still alive! John Wick had a good reason to make things difficult for ...
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We die Young (2019)

When Rincon started doing his Shakespeare, you knew some poor bastard's about to get smoked. "We Die Young" is not ...
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High Life (2018)

I fear, Willow. I could drown like a kitten. It would have been easy. First you, then me. The film ...
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Ánimas (2018)

When you're five, it's normal to have imaginary friends... But at my age, it means you're crazy. "Ánimas" certainly isn't ...
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Captive State (2019)

Light a match. Ignite a war. When I saw the trailer of "Captive State" for the first time, I was ...
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Zoo (2018)

Come on, it's just some big pharmaceutical company trying to cash in. Admit it, the zombie horror genre has been ...
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Ben is back (2018)

Film Review : Ben is Back Here's the deal, and it is not negotiable. You get a day. Films about ...
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The Silence (2019)

Film Review : The Silence What the hell does that mean? "Don't make noise." There are still certainties in this ...
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Us (2019)

Film Review : Us Jeremiah 11:11 Therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they ...
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