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I’m just an average guy who loves movies. I have a Cineworld Unlimited card and am a regular visitor to my local cinema. When I started looking for a hobby, something creative, my girlfriend suggested I write a movie blog. After setting it up I started writing about themes, ideas and future movies that interested me as well as movie reviews. The title of my blog was inspired by a former boss, he was crap at his job and didn’t care about the team, just his own career. He told me off for drawing a moustache on a poster, which was the biggest response we ever saw from him, so I guess this was my way of sticking two fingers up at him.

Right now all this is just a hobby but it would be great to make it a career. I would really like to work on a podcast as well as making videos for YouTube but at this point I don’t have anyone to do it with.

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Going in Style: Average Guy Movie Review

Every now and then, it's nice to sit down and watch a light-hearted movie that isn't going to challenge you ...
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We Make Movies: Average Guy Movie Review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go behind the scenes on an independent film? Wondered how ...
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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Average Guy Movie Review

The adventures of Groot and co. continue in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and lets face it, everyone is ...
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Kong: Skull Island: Average Guy Movie Review

In recent years, famous Hollywood apes have been making a return to the silver screen. The Planet of The Apes ...
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Logan movie review

Logan: Average Guy Movie Review

Over the last 17 years, Hugh Jackman has portrayed Logan in nine different movies. It's fair to say that some ...
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Allied: Average Guy Movie Review

Robert Zemeckis takes us back to one of the golden ages of espionage in this World War 2 drama. Allied ...
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The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Expanded

Zak Penn has responded to the speculation on his possible involvement in a fourth 'Matrix' movie. In a series of ...
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The Matrix Rebooted?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. are looking to inject new life into The Matrix. The firm is said ...
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Anthropoid: Average Guy Movie Review

On the 27th May 1942, Jozef Gabcik (Cillian Murphy) and Jan Kubis (Jamie Dornan) put into effect their plan to assassinate Reinhard ...
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John Wick: Chapter 2: Average Guy Movie Review

The man that is sheer will is back, and he doesn't disappoint! In John Wick, the titular assassin opened a ...
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A Street Cat Named Bob: Average Guy Movie Review

A Street Cat Named Bob is the story of James Bowen, a man trying to get over an addiction to ...
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Hello, My Name is Doris: Average Guy Movie Review

Sally Field stars in Hello, My Name is Doris, a romantic comedy-drama about a woman who develops an infatuation with ...
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Patriots Day: Average Guy Movie Review

In their third collaboration, Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg are once again bringing a real life event to the silver ...
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Hacksaw Ridge: Average Guy Movie Review

Mel Gibson is back in the driver seat with Hacksaw Ridge. It tells the story of Desmond Doss, a conscientious ...
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Breathe Easy: Average Guy Movie Review

Breathe Easy is an independent film, shot in multiple locations throughout ten countries. This global accomplishment took more than 20 ...
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