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Hey, hi, and hello!

I’m Tyler, but my friends call me Moheeze! I’m a time traveler college student who’s stuck in 1984 and thousands of dollars in student debt and I say things like groovy and rad. I like old fashioned things and I’ve spent more money on cassette tapes than I’m ready to admit.

I’ve got love for travelling, writing, and of course, movies! I write as a hobby now and hopefully for a living later. Currently I post movie reviews and story chapters on my current blog Nobody Reads Anymore and I’ve been doing so for almost a year now. I write pretty much all the time and I typically specialize in writing lengthy, but funny reviews while remaining totally objective and brutally honest.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to go save the movie industry one review at a time.
*flies away with pen in hand*

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Moheeze Reviews ‘Get Out’

"Aye I ain't making this s#*! up, I saw it on A&E man, that's real life!" - Lil Rel Howery ...
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