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Amateur film critic and theorist living in the Los Angeles area.

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Movie Review: Pete’s Dragon (2016)

The audacity of Disney’s shrewd reboot business model eventually invokes a feeling of admiration, that is, after the seizure inducing ...
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Suicide Squad movie review

Movie Review: Suicide Squad (2016)

If the regulative powers within the state of Michigan or the EPA ever decide to find a streamlined, efficient solution ...
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ghostbusters 2016 movie review

Movie Review: Ghostbusters (2016)

If these last couple of weeks has taught us anything it’s that our culture has been possessed by black & ...
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X-Men: Apocalypse movie review

Movie Review: X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Somewhere in the first half of X-Men: Apocalypse a group of scrappy teenage mutants exit a movie theater circa 1983 ...
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The Nice Guys movie review

Movie Review: The Nice Guys (2016)

Shane Black’s latest film The Nice Guys seems quite out of place with our current trends of cinema, mostly because ...
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High-Rise movie review

Movie Review: High-Rise (2016)

It’s unsurprising that the works of science-fiction novelist and satirist J.G. Ballard would eventually be prone to misinterpretation, mostly because ...
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Lobster movie review

Movie Review: The Lobster (2015)

Though you might not consciously be aware of it, most modern societies are constructed around the favored legal restriction and ...
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