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Hi, I’m Chance and I’m a Sophomore at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I’m double majoring in Economics and Media & Cultural Studies, and I’m playing D-III football and baseball here as well. Despite playing two sports, I’m not a huge sports fan. I like to watch the NFL, but that’s about it. I also have been training in Karate since I was four years old. In regards to politics, I’m a very strong liberal, but many of my friends are not. We agree to disagree.

These things tend to slightly influence my movie preferences, but I enjoy watching pretty much every genre. My favorite, however, is the psychological thriller, as you probably will notice on my top 10 list. I enjoy watching classic films, and try to scale their ratings according to their respective time periods, but I do think technological advancements have made cinema better today than ever before. I also don’t care at all about how accurate a movie is to its novel counterpart. A movie can be good even if it diverts from the original story. Some of my other interests and likes are hip-hop music, all animals, skateboarding, journalism, the stock market, philosophy, Italian everything, golf, cold pillows, suede shoes, dark colors, windsor knots, and warm weather.

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