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Wonder Woman (2017) Movie Review

wonder woman movie review

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I hate that my favorite action scene in Wonder Woman is the one I can’t talk about without spoiling things. It’s a climactic battle between good and evil and it fills the big screen from one end to the other. It’s amazing to watch. Almost makes you think: Where has this been all this time, DC?

Mind you, this isn’t the only pleasing action sequence, just the best. Wonder Woman’s power is on full display throughout the entire film as she tosses tanks with ease and flies from one building to the next taking out a slew of dudes along the way. A lot of the coolest fight scenes ever done in film include the One Versus Many scenario and our superheroine of the hour finds herself in this situation more than once. While it doesn’t quite meet the same level of excitement as watching Logan slice through enemies like paper, I give a lot of credit to director Patty Jenkins for ensuring that these scenes were carefully crafted to the point of being memorable.

Yes, DC fans, Wonder Woman is here and it’s the movie you actually deserve. To those of you that didn’t see Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice: 1. Be thankful; 2. All you need to know is that this film follows the origin story of Wonder Woman and how she went from a young girl growing up in the Greek-centric Themyscira to the powerful heroine who is symbol of love and truth. For those that did see BVS, this film answers the question: What’s the deal with that old-timey picture that Bruce Wayne found?

While DC movies lately have been missing the mark with their humor, Wonder Woman finds its target quite a few times. I loved that the funny wasn’t forced like it could be at times in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Because it came naturally, it was naturally funny. The film didn’t just rely on Chris Pine to carry the comic relief load as a lot of the characters managed to get their quips in some form or fashion, even Gal Gadot.

Speaking of Gadot, I must give her all the props in the world for doing the character of Diana (Wonder Woman) justice. Gadot is sensational in her role. She offers the perfect blend of naivety and fierceness that makes Wonder Woman who she is. Maybe there’s another actress out there who could have played the role just as well, but Gadot is by no means forgetful. She breathes life into a franchise badly in need of resuscitation.

For all of the things the film did right, there were a number of tiny things that kept it from excelling into greatness. I’ll just touch on two. They failed when they tried to throw a love story into the mix. Again, I won’t ruin anything, but not only did I feel like it was unnecessary, I also thought it was very contradictory to Diana’s personality and her philosophy of life. They had already established (in a pretty funny way) that she had no need for a man. Why ruin things by forcing the issue?

Finally, the slow motion sequences were a little too much for me at times. There were a few moments where it heightens the moment, but there were too many times where it felt over the top a la Transformers. I hope they play with this a little bit for the sequel.

Is Wonder Woman the best superhero movie of the year? No and it’s not even close. I actually laughed when I heard they were pushing for a Best Picture nomination. It’s a solid film, but not nearly as good as what Logan gave us. Much needed win for DC, though! I give it an 89.

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