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Wishing it was Mad Max…. It’s not.

Max movie review

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All right let’s get this out of the way; the dog in this movie is amazing, it’s very clear that all effort in this movie went to training this dog and it shows. The dog is completely convincing, he’s great, he’s awesome, he’s the best part of the movie. Everything bad I say about this movie will exclude the dog. Now with all that out of the way……. This movie is Lifetime movie levels of bad. It’s honestly astonishing that this made it to theaters.

Oh man, where do I even start with this movie? The acting is horrid. There is almost no effort on anyone’s part to seem remotely convincing. The writing is awful. The children are written so bad they make Disney Channel shows seem like realistic portrayals of youth life. The story, holy crap! This movie starts out seeming like it’s just gonna be a tribute to war dogs, but almost immediately turns into every “boy and his dog” adventure ever. But oh no, it doesn’t stop there! Somehow, and it’s been two weeks since I saw this movie and I still don’t know exactly how, it turns into an an action movie about arms smuggling across the Mexico/Texas border! So what we have here is a screenplay that seems like it was written for a TV movie during the 80’s, but I guess they must’ve shelved this until now and then decided to update it with lazy subplots involving pirated video games. Interestingly enough, this was written Sheldon Lettich; writer of Rambo III and Bloodsport. So I guess this explains the horribly dated premise and Mexican stereotypes! Still doesn’t explain HOW this movie made it past any sort of test screening.

You know, I’m perfectly happy with a movie celebrating the accomplishments of dogs in the military! I totally feel like their accomplishments should be recognized! I’m up with just movies that tribute the U. S. Armed Forces in general! But please, please make sure you actually make it good! If you’re gonna focus all your effort on the dog, great! Actually make the movie about the dog! Don’t cram your movie with unnecessary crap.

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The Media Fire gives this movie 3/10

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