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Wine Tasting on VOD

Wine Tasting is now on Amazon and will soon be on other VOD platforms. Wine Tasting was accepted into several film festivals, including Finisterra Arrabida of Portugal, Premios Latinos, Evolution, Mallorca, and LA San Rafael of Spain, and Beverly Hills Film Festival, International Wine Film Festival, and Sunscreen Film Festival West in the United States.

Wine Tasting-written and executive produced by Justin Samuels, produced by Anjanette Mille and directed by Josh Mitchell has been released on VOD. The film stars Josh Mitchell, Josh Thrower, Jesse O’Neil, Vanja Kapetanovic, and Jenae Alt.Wine Tasting follows the lives of four men who are professional wine tasters. They sacrifice considerable sums of money and time in order to pass the sommelier exam. Their relationship is tested when one out of the four guys doesn’t pass – leading to a series of scandalous repercussions.

The film is free for those on Amazon Prime.

Writer/Producer Justin Samuels was born in Elmhurst, NY. He went to Cornell University, where he graduated with a BA in history. Justin worked in financial services for three years, but ultimately decided that financial services wasn’t for him. After a period of odd jobs, from catering to editorial assistant, Justin started writing screenplays. He taught ESL for awhile. He then attended Columbia University, where he got a MA in the Teaching of English.

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