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What’s the big deal with the new Ghostbusters movie(s)?

Ghostbusters Reboot

Soooo, where’d this come from?

A while back it was confirmed that director Paul Fiege would be making an all female Ghostbusters movie/reboot. I’m pretty sure my first thought was, “Why Ghostbusters?”

Seriously, of all the things to give and all female update of, why was Ghostbusters the first thing that came to the studio’s mind? I mean I like Ghostbusters, I’ll probably want to give it a re-watch sometime soon, but it’s a good movie overall! But honestly, wasn’t it just one trick pony? I mean it’s not like the original Ghostbusters set up some kind of sprawling universe where anything was possible, or had classic iconic characters that all kids could look up too, (well maybe it did for a lot of people in the 80’s, but I being a kid born in the 2000’s of course will never have a clue what the big fuss was in the 80’s) it was honestly just a perfect storm of a semi-interesting concept being pulled off really well and Bill Murray and co being at the top of their game.

It’s not like it’s impossible to replicate those exact set of circumstances, they’ve got a pretty interesting cast lined up, but it’s not so easy as I have a feeling the studio thinks. And now we’re getting rumors of an male Ghostbusters reboot to go along with the all female movie and something like a Ghostbusters cinematic universe taking place and (sigh) REALLY?

Why did we choose out of all the classic movies to give a cinematic universe, Ghostbusters! I kinda feel like we may be repeating what Sony did with The Amazing Spider-man. We’re so concerned with setting up the pieces that we’re not checking if those pieces are fully functioning! Now there were still parts of The Amazing Spider-man I liked, but it didn’t really work together as a whole.

So didn’t we learn anything here? Why are we jumping the gun on something we’re not even sure is a good idea? Now of course I could be completely wrong here, this could turn out to be the next Marvel Cinematic Universe or something. All I ask is a little caution on Columbia pictures part, ok?

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