All members will likely agree that in the old site there were a lot of text links within articles (and not all of them worked) or sometimes users on our site seemed to struggle to get the links to work correctly.

What we have decided to do with the new site is give you and any reader of the site a much better experience. We have put a number of different things in place to help promote and share your own website and social media links. Please take a look below at what we have for the new site

Footer Block


This block will appear on the bottom of every post that you create. It will feature a link to all of your social media outlets that you use, your user name which will link through to your profile page (more on that later), a link to your own website (or YouTube channel), your profile image that you can link to your own website  or your profile page. We also included a quick biography section to give the reader an overview of who you are.

Meet The Team

This is a new section of the site that features on the footer of every page. This page will feature all bloggers, reviewers and vloggers on the site and show everyone that you are a part of the team. Each image will click through to your respective profile page.

Profile Page


The new and improved profile page will feature your image/avatar, some generic details and a link through to your website. We have also put a row of movie images (your favorite movies) and a ‘About’ section to let you tell everyone a little bit more about yourself. Below that is another section for you social media links and finally your posts will be listed below that.

As always we will also promote all of your work on our social media outlets and we will be returning to hand written tweets and posts, as we found these get a much better response in comparison to the automated ones we were using on the old site. Expect to see a lot more from us on social media in 216!

I hope that you are happy with the new site. If there is anything on the Profile page or any of the other pages then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know.