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What is this? A movie for Ants?

Ant-Man movie review

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You know for a minute there I think we were all scared that this was gonna be Marvels first dud. I mean when you’ve lost Edgar freaking Wright on your project, you know you’ve done something wrong. I mean just the concept of having a super hero like Ant Man kicking around in the same movie universe as Thor and Iron Man is something that needs to be handled with care. Good news then that Ant Man is a pretty fun ride at the very least, and more definitive proof that Marvel literally isn’t capable of turning out a dud just yet.

As for flaws, well the first 15 minutes are a bit weird in the pacing area, not all the comedy works as well as it should, and the plot is very, very standard fare. But I have to say, everything that works just works really well! The standout is the action scenes. They really use the concept of shrinking and Ant control to its full potential, and the effects used here might just be the best Marvel has ever put to screen. (Apparently the 3D is really good too, but I’ve only heard that from hear-say) The performances are really good too! Paul Rudd is instantly likable as Scott Lang, and I think we’re really gonna enjoy him in the future. Carey Stoll brings a surprising amount of energy to Yellowjacket, it’s almost Nicholas Cage-esque. Michael Douglas is pretty awesome as Hank Pym, I have a feeling a lot of people will be hoping he turns up at some point on Agent Carter. Michael Pena is a lot funnier in the role of the “comedic side character” than you’d expect. Speaking of comedy, I won’t pretend that all the jokes land, but when they do they hit bulls eyes. That business with Thomas the Tank engine is even funnier then it is in the trailers, and there’s an action scene involving a certain MCU side character that was completely unexpected and really entertaining. It’s actually pretty refreshing to see a movie that manages to stay this small scale, especially following the colossal giant that was Age of Ultron. It’s a very welcome change of pace from Marvel.

It is sad to imagine the movie that could’ve been had Edgar Wright stayed on, so I think we’ll all be left with a feeling that this could’ve been better, but taking the movie for what it is I’d say we came off pretty good. So yea, call Ant Man another success from Marvel, and you should totally stay through the credits this time. Seriously I actually can’t remember the last time an end credits scene has been this good.

Movie Rating:

The Media Fire gives this movie 8.3/10

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