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The Way, Way Back Movie Review: Starring Steve Carell, Jim Rash, Sam Rockwell!

Movie Rating:

The Way, Way Back movie review from Paulie Popcorn who got to see a sneak preview!

So what does Paulie think of this movie?

Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell, Toni Collette and Jim Rash star in this movie about being a kid and growing up. Another cool addition to Steve Carell movies because this time around, he doesn’t play a comedic role. Instead, Steve Carell (the boyfriend of Toni Collete in the movie) turns out to be a real jerk to everyone.

The Buzz in this movie is really the Oscar winning writing team from The Descendants (Jim Rash and Nat Fazon) come together again and write and direct The Way, Way Back.

The Visuals, as explained in The Way, Way Back movie review, are nothing spectacular. We have some fun scenes that take place in an amusement park where the main character gets a part time summer job. Of course, the manager of the park (played by Sam Rockwell) takes this shy kid under his wing and helps him develop some self esteem and lets the main character really come into his own.

Engagement: Paulie Popcorn discusses in his The Way, Way Back movie review about how was fully entertained by this little gem of a film. The idea that we don’t need to fall into certain habits or cycles, and we can break out of these cycles is really what makes this story special. It’s a great film for the whole family. Paulie Popcorn ends his The Way, Way Back movie review a THEATER rating.

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