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I wasn’t ready guys

Furious 7 movie review

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Um guys? Hi. It’s The Media Fire. Umm, so I made an effort to try and catch myself up on my Fast and Furious a little. All that pretty much amounted to was me watching Fast 5. So I thought I knew what I was getting into when I went to see this…… I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t even close to being ready for the pure experience that is Fast and Furious 7.

I have a feeling that I would’ve been a bit more prepared if I had seen Furious 6, I have heard reports that it was much more crazy. And I have a feeling that if you liked 6, you’ll like 7. Heck, if you just wanna go have a fun time at the movies, you’re probably already at the theater as I write this. And yeah, Furious 7 is a lot of fun. Probably the most fun I’ve had at the movies since Guardians of the Galaxy, and probably the closest thing to watching a movie version of a saturday morning cartoon since Pacific Rim. It’s just I have a feeling any attempt to explain exactly why this movie is so great would ruin the fun. But maybe not, because it’s possible that no human can actually describe the sheer spectacle that is Furious 7. In fact, let’s just hit some bullet points real quick

  • Action: Holy crap is this movie packed with action. My one complaint is that director James Wan kind of falls into that trend that action directors are falling into today of what I like to call “TO MANY DANG JUMPCUTS” whenever he films a hand to hand combat scene. Still, it’s a pretty minor complaint all things considered. The car chases and heists are great, and you won’t believe just how fun it is to watch everyone just refuse to freaking die.
  • Dumbness level: OFF. THE. BLOODY. CHARTS. I can’t even begin to describe just how dumb this movie is. I personally didn’t think it got very “offensively” dumb save for one part in particular which probably should’ve been cut out entirely in post but I guess just kind of had to stay. Watch the movie and I think you’ll know which part I’m talking about. Other then that, prepare to laugh your butt off as you watch the movie that has now beat Jupiter Ascending for the “dumbest picture” category.
  • Everything else: Surprisingly this movie at least makes an effort on the drama front. Sure most of it kind of falls hilariously flat, mainly because we’re dealing with a script which I assume was written by the Ninja Turtles, but this movie does have a real beating heart underneath all that muscle. And yes, it is refreshing to see that Paul Walker got the respectful sendoff he deserves in this movie. It’s heartfelt and sincere, and really manages to keep what is easily the dumbest movie you’ll see all year from being more then just a guilty pleasure. As for story, well it’s dumb and full of plot-holes, (the crew is searching for a device that will help them locate the bad guy, but he keeps showing up so often you wonder why they even left LA in the first place)  but what were you expecting? As for new characters, well they’re pretty fun. Kurt Russell especially is a character who I hope sticks around.

And yeah, that’s really all I want to say about Furious 7. You probably know what you’re getting into already. If not, don’t expect anything that follows the remote notion of physics or logic, and you’re good to go. Oh, and see it with someone you can laugh with because you will laugh a lot. A whooole lot.

Movie Rating:

The Media Fire gives this movie a 7/10 (oh you know I had too, shut up)

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