Sexy Matt Reviews Crisis on Earth X

Sexy Matt reviews the 4th CW crossover event, Crisis on Earth X. Has the novelty of a crossover warn off ...
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Sexy Matt Reviews The Punisher (2017)

Sexy Matt watched the entire first season of the Puniser in one sitting. Find out if it's other Netflix classic ...
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Stranger Things – Season 2 Review

It's time to head back into the Upside Down for a new season of STRANGER THINGS. Here are my thoughts ...
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The Defenders – Review

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist finally team up to kick some ass! But was it worth the ...
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Sexy Matt Reviews The Defenders Season 1

Sexy Matt reviews the entire first season of Marvel's The Defenders. Is it an epic team up or another slip ...
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Some Thoughts on the 13th Doctor

Jodie Whittaker is the new Doctor. Here's my reaction to some of the reactions I've seen ...
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Better Call Saul - Season 3 Review

Better Call Saul – Season 3 Review

The Breaking Bad prequel has just wrapped up it's 3rd season so here are my thoughts on Better Call Saul ...
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Sexy Matt Reviews Iron Fist

Sexy Matt reviews the first MCU property of 2017, Iron Fist. Can it stand up to it other Marvel Netflix ...
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Sexy Matt Reviews CW’s Invasion Crossover Event

Sexy Matt reviews this year's CW crossover event, Invasion. Does it stack up to the over crossovers or was it ...
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Marvel’s Luke Cage – Season 1 Review

Luke Cage is the latest TV show in Marvel's plan to world domination erm I mean Cinematic Universe, what Luke ...
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Sexy Matt Reviews Luke Cage

Sexy Matt just binge watched the newest Marvel Netflix show, Luke Cage. Is it a sweet honey or a jive ...
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Narcos S2 - Bullet

Narcos – Season 2 Review

Narcos - Season 2 Video Review Holy moly. This season upped the ante in almost every way. It delivered more ...
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Narcos – Season 1 Video Review

With season 2 of Narcos to be released in less than a week. What better way to refresh on the ...
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Stranger Things NETFLIX Review –NO SPOILERS

I am 5 episodes into the 8-part Netflix original series Stranger Things. See my thoughts on the series so far ...
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Witchblade Pilot movie review

Raiders of the Lost Comic Movie: Witchblade (2001)

Sexy Matt and Doug-a-lious take a look at the early 2000's pilot for Witchblade. There might be a reason everything ...
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