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Ryan Cole


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32 year old Mutant with a fixation on obscure, insane or simply awful films. I have a particular fascination with little known movies from the UK and the Commonwealth, but I’ll have a sniff of any strange fruit from around the world.

I’m also taking a swing at music, book and gaming reviews; as well as a series called “Identity Parade” – where I showcase some of my favourite fictional characters.

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The team behind The Halloween Girl have an intriguing new web-series beginning on Jan 15th. Here are some quick thoughts ...
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Top 10 Best Films of 2016 (Part 2)

Rounding off my list of where 2016 went right ...
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Top 10 Best Films of 2016 (Part 1)

Here are the films which showed me a bit of leg in 2016 (plus five which certainly didn't) ...
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He Who Dares – A Violet Cause Review

Guest host Violet Claus shoves a Die Hard/Not-Die Hard imitation down your chimney ...
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VR – A Short Film Review

A compelling bout of speculative fiction, featuring emergent tech, vengeful spirits and lifestyle choices Donald Trump's cabinet wouldn't approve of ...
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Emotional Motor Unit – A Short Film Review

A sci-fi short packing a weird title and a startling impact ...
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The Halloween Girl – Halloween Spook-tacular #4

And so The Violet Cause Halloween Spook-tacular comes to its demise. We end with a poetic and atmospheric ghost story, ...
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Akai – Halloween Spook-tacular #3

A wonderful vampire film from Brazil. A terrible Transylvanian accent from our guest host. YOU CAN FIND THE FILM HERE: ...
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Vicious – Halloween Spook-tacular #2 Yes it's the second part of our Halloween Special - reviewing short horror films you may have missed. And ...
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Don’t Move – Halloween Spook-tacular #1

In the first video of this year's Violet Cause Halloween Special, Dark Ryan talks about a deliciously visceral horror short ...
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The Academy – Let’s Make This Happen

** SUPPORT INDEPENDENT PRODUCERS - PLEASE READ ** An incredibly talented and dedicated group of young film-makers have come together ...
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The Scribbler – A Violet Cause Review

A very special guest joins me to discuss a truly obscure superhero origin story ...
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Violet Cause - A Night of Gremlins

A Night of Gordon, Gaming and Gremlins!

There’s something special about a mild autumn evening in central London. Particularly when you know you’ll be spending a great ...
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My Feral Heart (Needs You)

A great independent drama needs our help. Please check out the details and support indie films... Home Site | Ticket ...
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The Girl With All The Gifts movie review

The Girl With All The Gifts – A New Release Review

An astonishing rejuvenation of the zombie genre. A reviewer who's not sure about his pronunciation ...
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