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An Update on the State of The Media Fire: It’s time for a Change…

Hello everyone! Rest assured that even though I haven’t written anything in the past four months, I’m not dead. I’ve simply fallen into another writing slump. My writing slumps usually occur when other factors in my life make it more difficult to find time to sit down and put all my thoughts on page. Since I’ve always had the privilege of looking at my reviews and writings on film as a hobby, and not a full-time job, they’ve never taken full priority over my life–which is a shame because I place film on a high pedestal in my life. I love film dearly, I love the study of it, and I know it’s something I want to continue into my higher education. In the past three-and-a-half years since I’ve started writing reviews under the The Media Fire name, I’ve seen my understanding of film and my critical thinking skills increase dramatically. I feel that my understanding of film has matured greatly. I’m in a far different, and in my opinion, far better place in terms of understanding film than I was when I started The Media Fire.

So, I think it’s time for a change. From this point forward, I will no longer be writing under the name of The Media Fire and instead be writing under my given name of Sam Wilson. The Media Fire was a name I initially designed for myself in order to give myself a theatric flair; to draw people in under the guise that I was one of those sensationalist film critics/entertainers (such as The Nostalgia Critic and other popular ‘critics’ who originally enticed me into the business,) who loved to rip a bad movie apart. That is, of course, what gets the most buzz on the internet in these circles; for better or for worse. (And quite frankly, as I’ve grown up, I feel it’s for the worse.) I think I quickly found out that wasn’t the sort of critic I wanted to be at all. I feel like I never arrived at the point where I became the sensationalist pop-critic I advertised myself as, and I instead dropped into doing what I do best; writing with my own voice. As I’ve said, my taste in film criticism has matured quite a lot since I was thirteen, and I’m a lot more concerned with honest analysis of narrative, filmmaking styles and craftsmanship, industry trends, and broader implications on the pop-culture collective unconscious than I am thinking up creative ways to insult a piece of film. (Not that it’s not fun to do that, it’s just never taken priority.) In other words, I found out I frankly just wanted to be an actual critic. So I think it’s high time I abandoned all pretense and just stick to writing as myself.

So what else will this change? Hopefully, not much outside of a site title change. I want to get back to reviewing movies on a consistent basis again, and possibly even get to writing some editorials and essays. In other news, with this new re-branding I’ll likely be dropping the official Media Fire Facebook page in favor of creating a Twitter account through which to give my immediate thoughts and reactions to industry news and movies I’ve just seen. I feel that Twitter is a much better fit for me and gives me what I want in terms of audience interaction and ability to write immediate thoughts down. Be warned, these thoughts may not always be 100% professionally filtered or clean like I try to keep my official reviews and writings, and with Twitter being the very political platform it is today, I can’t always guarantee you won’t get a little bit of that from my Tweets too. Still, as much as I want this rebranding to be more personal, I think I’m mostly going to keep this Twitter account movie focused. I’m also toying with the idea of creating a Curious Cat account to answer questions anyone might want to ask me about movies, but I’m leaving that idea aside for now until I see how successful the Twitter account will be.

In closing, I want to thank everyone for reading my reviews and staying with me as my critiquing skills have increased and matured over the years. I’ve never really had a great amount of interactivity with my audience, and have no real way of knowing how large or how small it is. I’m hoping this can start to change from this point onward, and I can return to a regular upload schedule in the near future. Once again, I’d like to deeply thank everyone for the knowledge that my voice has not gone unheard, for letting me develop it and nurture it into something closer to what I want, and for giving me the opportunity to try out something I’ve grown to love. Thank you all, and I hope you stay with me from here on out.

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