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Marmalade for all as Paddington triumphs again

There is always a danger when you really, really love a film that the follow-up somehow falls flat. This is ...
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Ragnarok is a sight for Thor eyes

As anyone who knows us will tell you, here at Popcorn Towers we are very much Team Marvel when it ...
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Goodbye Christopher Robin

Film perfectly captures Bear with little brain but lot of heart

As a rule of thumb, if The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw really hates a film, it will have mainstream appeal and ...
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IT clowns around but fails to terrify

It's been a funny old week on the nostalgia front - no, not doing that joke - here at Popcorn ...
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Western gets a modern make-over with Wind River

It still amazes me that in this day and age, things can slip under the radar. Until the poster appeared ...
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Reynold’s the man for a comedy hit

A dearth of original ideas and comedies that are actually funny are just two of the things that get mentioned ...
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Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde fails to explode on screen

You'd think, by now, that we might have learnt not to get taken in by swishy, stylish trailers - by ...
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47 metres Down

Shark film that lacks depth and bite is a real horror

There is an oft-used phrase among film fans that claims a movie can be so bad it's actually good. Take ...
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Are we not Sick of unfunny comedies yet?

At some point, we are going to have to sit down and have a chat about Judd Apatow, and maybe ...
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War epic leaves us feeling Dun in

I started the Unsalted Popcorn blog many moons ago because I wanted to do something fun. The day job was ...
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SpiderMan Homecoming

Spidey’s coming Home again

Finally, a Spider-Man movie! We've been waiting three long years for our webbed hero to be re-booted... I mean, yes, ...
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Baby Driver Trailer 2

Nobody’s putting Baby Driver in a corner…

I always approach an Edgar Wright with a healthy mixture of interest and apprehension. While being a big fan of ...
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despicable me 3

Oh brother, how Despicable art thou?

There is something of the genius behind these films you know... Ugly hero, small yellow things talking gibberish, it shouldn't ...
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Baywatch brings smiles to the big screen

I want to be very, very clear from the outset - seeing this film was not, in any way, shape ...
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Wonder Woman

The Wonder of it all…

It has taken me far longer than is normal to write this review. Yes, life has been as nuts bonkers ...
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