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Ghost leaves one feeling empty

I won't deny, I was excited about going to see Ghost In The Shell - and not just because it ...
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Kong: Skull Island movie review

Kong proves to be a monster mistake

Whatever your preferred genre of movie, there's one thing we all have in common when plonking buttocks in that cinema ...
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Free Fire movie review

Free Fire hits all the right spots

Sure, we all know how trailers work - show you the best bits, give you a sense of what's going ...
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You’ll Get Out more than you think…

Two things happened today that in no way prepared me for Get Out - first, I happened upon an article ...
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Lessons in Love (aka you can’t always get what you want)

It's easy to forget, but there's a good chance that way back when you actually really enjoyed the Hammer House ...
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Sleek and stylish Mr Wick is back with a bang

There are times when, where action films are concerned, you really don't have to have seen what went before - ...
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Huppert puts in one Elle of a performance

Genres of films - do they serve a purpose other than giving the marketing team a starting point? Do you ...
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Logan movie review

Logan claws back some respect with darker, grittier outing

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, our finely-honed review of Logan got buggered. It's gone, disappeared, kyboshed, lost, vamooshed ...
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Fences builds bridges to the past

And so, as the dust Oscar dust settles and the wonderful Moonlight gets handed the big gong by the poor ...
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Basking in the love of Moonlight

A couple of days ago, and I know the rest of this sentence isn't going to make anyone's heart leap ...
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The LEGO Batman Movie Review

Second Lego build leaves Bats a bit flat

OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY ANOTHER LEGO MOVIE!!!!! That was me when the news was announced. And again when ...
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The Founder

Burger me, Keaton’s served up a treat

First up, an apology - we strive to post reviews as soon after seeing the film as possible, but sadly ...
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Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures move into the deserving spotlight

Just the other day, over on the podcast, we were musing about the dearth of original ideas coming out of ...
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T2 Trainspotting movie review

All aboard for a spectacular sequel

OK, I think I need to finally admit something publicly - I never saw Trainspotting at the cinema. In fact, ...
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Jackie Trailer

Second-rate treatment for the former First Lady

I had already been eagerly anticipating going to see Jackie before the news broke of John Hurt's death. The passing ...
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