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Uncle Superman!!!

The Man From UNCLE Movie review

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I’m having a bit of trouble describing my thoughts on The Man From U.N.C.L.E. On the one hand it’s a fairly entertaining little throwback to 60’s Spy movies, and on the other hand there’s something missing from it that I can’t quite put my finger on. There’s just a little something that’s keeping this movie from being really great. Maybe if the screenplay was sharper or the story was less predictable this would be a litigate classic. As it stands, it feels like there’s a lot of unfulfilled potential that this movies itching at.

As for positives, well quite frankly I’m pretty sure this will end up being the most stylish mainstream movie of the year. The costume design, the sets and locations, the atmosphere, even the character’s accents just ooze with 60’s spy movie charm. It works incredibly well. This isn’t too surprising for me; I really enjoyed Guy Ritchie’s 2 Sherlock Homes films, which also had impeccable style and atmosphere. Also like the Sherlock Holmes movies; the action is really great. It’s all really well filmed and edited. There are actually a few sequences that were filmed entirely from a top down perspective that were really interesting. The acting is great. It’s very clear that Henry Cavill is loving his opportunity to act as suave as humanly possible. Armie Hammer gives a surprisingly good performance as “The Russian” (despite his accent sounding about as authentic as Scarlett Witch’s in Age of Ultron) who manages to portray someone with a lot more issues then you might think. Alicia Vikander probably would’ve killed in this role no matter what (I mean I haven’t seen Ex Machina yet but you can bet I heard it’s praises sung to the moon) but it’s nice to see another spy movie where the female character has just as much personality as the male’s. The three leads all have some really great chemistry together. I wouldn’t say it’s Whedon levels of good or anything but it’s pretty fun. Everyone else is having fun being the standard good guy/bad guy roles assigned to them; there’s an evil nazi doctor side villain who’s so completely over-the-top and creepy that he probably should’ve been the villain in the first place. All of this sounds really good on paper, and sure, it’s pretty entertaining to watch, but it sadly just doesn’t have as much impact as I was hoping for because the screenplay seems to be playing it just a little too safe. There are quirky and awesome little moments sprinkled around, but it can’t really distract from how standard everything feels. I’m honestly disappointed in Guy Ritchie. He’s had some really great screenplays in the past and this one just feels so lacking. There are also some distracting tone inconsistencies; For example the nazi doctor character I mentioned earlier is really entertaining and feels genuinely threatening, but his sequence feels so out of place and unpleasant compared to the rest of the movie you can’t help but feel like he walked in from a completely different movie.

So yea, Uncle Superman here is certainly worth checking out at some point, and I’m tempted to tell you to see it in the theaters so we can get more quirky little movies like this, but I’m just not sure if it completely deserves it. This movie of all the movies I’ve seen this year probably deserves a sequel the most. I mean clearly everyone wants to come back for one, and if they could get a more adventurous screenplay then this’d be pretty much perfect. As it stands, Uncle Lone Ranger here is an interesting little distraction that I’d probably only recommend if you’re dead-set on seeing it.

Movie Rating:

The Media Fire gives this movie a 7.2/10

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