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Ummmmm……. Is it ok if I say that I didn’t hate it?


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I was prepared to hate this movie, I really was. I was tired of slogging through the sequels’s stupid plot’s and dumb as heck characters. I was telling myself that this movie was probably gonna fill my head with stupid, and I should just walk away while I still could. But, I went and saw it. And surprisingly, I kinda liked it. It’s not gonna be on my top 10 for the year list or anything, (maybe an honorable mention at most) but I thought that it did what it was set out to do, that is, entertain.

Firstly, THANK PRIMUS FOR NOT PUTTING SHIA LEBOUF IN THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!! Mark Whalberg is a waaaaaay better replacment. In fact, the acting across the board is pretty good. Sure there are some stupid side characters and bad acting from that girl from The Last Airbender, (I know she has a name, but I don’t care) but they are mercifully put to a minimum.

The stupid humor and racist comments are still there, (WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I WANNA SEE RACISM IN ANY MOVIE BAY!!!!!!) but again, it’s mercifully toned down and almost non-existent after the first 1/4th of this movie or so. For some strange cosmic reason, I kinda gave a crap about the plot. I know! What’s even more interesting is that the Autobots have more personality this time around. I really enjoyed when they were on screen, which is something I’ve been wanting from a Transformers movie for so long!

One thing that a lot of critics have been noticing is the run time. This movie is almost 3 HOURS! 3!!!!!!!!!! But again, surprisingly I didn’t really care. Since I actually got invested in the plot this time around, I didn’t care that this movie was almost 3 hours long.

For the most part, the special effects in this movie are great. And why wouldn’t they be, it’s a Transformers movie for goodness sake. Ok, there are some bad aspects to this movie, a lot actually. While the stupid humor and racism is toned down for the most part, it’s still there and it’s pretty annoying. And while I actually gave a crap about the plot this time, some of the plot elements are introduced really sloppily, to the point where it feels like they just thought of them right now. Particularly the Dinobots. Why! All I came for this movie for was Dinobots, why are they only in the movie for the last 15 minutes Bay!

There are some frames of the movie where you can blatently tell that it was green screened. The actions great though. It may be filled to the brim with EXSPLOSIONS GALORE, (and I do mean galore) But I never really got annoyed with it. Maybe it’s because I’m young, I don’t know. And is it just me, or does Optimus Prime kinda feel a little to brutal at times. It’s kinda more of a whole series problem more then just this movie, but it’s something I noticed.

I kinda had fun with Age of Extinction and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I know it did have all those stupid “Bayisms” we’ve come to expect from a movie of his, but as I say, I feel they were tonned down. It’s not Acadamy Award material or anything like that, (far from it) but I don’t think it was trying to be. I’d say if you’re bored, like very bored, go ahead and see this movie. But make sure that you have a clear schedule first ‘CAUSE IT’S LONG!!!!!!!

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The Media Fire gives this movie 6.9/10

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