Sexy Matt Reviews Iron Fist

Sexy Matt reviews the first MCU property of 2017, Iron Fist. Can it stand up to it other Marvel Netflix ...
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CW’s Arrow Summed Up In Four Phases

By this point, it is rather common knowledge that the DCEU is in a bit of a pickle, but its ...
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The Walking Dead Is Now Dead Man Walking

Like its spiritual predecessors on the big screen, The Walking Dead signifies the very worst of what the silver screen ...
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Westworld TV series review

Westworld Will Blow Your Mind

While one character in HBO’s Westworld describes consciousness as a journey through a maze, I would liken the audience’s own ...
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Sexy Matt Reviews CW’s Invasion Crossover Event

Sexy Matt reviews this year's CW crossover event, Invasion. Does it stack up to the over crossovers or was it ...
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Black Mirror: Worst to Best

Netflix recently dropped season 3 of Black Mirror. Black Mirror is an anthology show much like The Twilight Zone. Each ...
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Beck Volume 2 review

Beck – Volume 2 DVD – Gritty Crime Drama Direct From Sweeden

Beck is a high quality, intelligent and entertaining crime drama direct from Sweeden. The episodes are written to the highest ...
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Marvel’s Luke Cage – Season 1 Review

Luke Cage is the latest TV show in Marvel's plan to world domination erm I mean Cinematic Universe, what Luke ...
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‘Marvel’s Luke Cage’ Season 1 Review: A Swaggering and Socially-Relevant Superhero Tale

Tossing in another dynamic player into their mix of comic-book heroes and gritty human themes, this month Netflix debuted one ...
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Luke Cage Season One review

Luke Cage Season 1 – Unpopped Review

Marvel and Netflix have done it again! They have been able to create another property that has a completely unique ...
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Sexy Matt Reviews Luke Cage

Sexy Matt just binge watched the newest Marvel Netflix show, Luke Cage. Is it a sweet honey or a jive ...
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Mr. Robot - Season 2

‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2 Review: Much of the Same, But Still One of the Best Shows on TV

Kicking off its second season with revelation after revelation, cyber heist after cyber heist, and psychotic breakdown after -- well ...
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The Out-Laws (Clan) Season One Review

The Out-Laws (Clan) is MUST-SEE TV

The Out-Laws (known as clan in it's native country of Belgium) has been on of the best things I have ...
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‘Stranger Things’ Season 1 Review: Classic ’80s Nostalgia Mixed With Sharp-Edged Suspense

Finally diving into the cryptic new series from Netflix, the sci-fi thriller 'Stranger Things', I was pleasantly met with a ...
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Narcos S2 - Bullet

Narcos – Season 2 Review

Narcos - Season 2 Video Review Holy moly. This season upped the ante in almost every way. It delivered more ...
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