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Trailer reveiws for Star Wars/ Batman vs Superman (also happy birthday to me!)

Star Wars VII the force awakens movie review

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of when I first started blogging and such on Movie-blogger.com. Apparently the universe was aware of this and decided to give me a bunch of trailers to review. And what the heck, why not!

So I don’t think I need to put the links to either of the trailers in here, because I think we’ve all seen them by now. And if not, then stop reading and watch them now. Back? Okay. So obviously Star Wars wins. I love Star Wars. I have always loved Star Wars. And I probably always love Star Wars assuming that I don’t turn up to the theater this Christmas and it turns out every projector in the building has been smashed. Either way, this is a really great trailer! It doesn’t give too much away, it get’s me massively hyped for all these new characters that I know nothing about, and that finale shot with Han and Chewie might have made me cry a little. (#nerdtears) Does this mean that the movie itself will be good? No, but at least we know that if nothing else they got a really smart marketing team for this movie.

Batman v Superman poster 1

Now about Batman vs. Superman. Well, the trailers good at least! Not at all sure if the movie attached to it will be better or worse then Man of Steel, but hey! We’ll all get to find out together! If you’re not familiar with my thoughts on Man of Steel it can pretty much be put in the same category of Insurgent of “Movie’s that were things that happened catagory.” I will say that I think they’re doing what they should be doing with this movie. I was thinking that after all the destruction caused in Man of Steel that he should have to answer for it, and it does look like people are questioning whether Superman being on Earth is a good thing. I do appreciate when these questions are addressed in comics and stuff, but it I hope the movie doesn’t concentrate on this more than it needs to. Also, hurrah for Batfleck! Yes even though his mech armor does look like Lego Batman. In fact, can this movie just be The Dark Knight returns? I don’t need Wonder-Woman, don’t need Aquaman, don’t need those guys yet. Can we just let Zach Snyder make The Dark Knight Returns? Also, I’m kinda glad that the look of this movie seems very reminiscent of Zach Snyder’s Watchmen movie. (which I have yet to see although I am in the process of reading it actually)

So yea, if you’re expecting a Terminator: Gynisis or Ant-man trailer review, welllll I might get around to that later. In the meantime, thank you so much for being with me for a year, and hopefully this next one will be even better. Thanks guys!

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