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Time to let Frozen go

Big Hero 6 movie review

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I was gonna upload this a while ago, but I accidentally deleted my review (again) and never got around to writing it until now.

So, how was Disney’s new (very loose) adaptation of a Marvel property that no one has heard of? Good. Not as good as it could have been, but a movie that felt this compact and fresh was a nice change from the much more serious “Interstellar” (which I still feel is probably the best movie I’ve seen this year so far, but anyway).

I think we can safely assume that Disney movies ten years from now are literally going to be so beautiful they’ll make us cry, because this film is simply eye-popping. It doesn’t have the distinct feel of “The Lego Movie” or anything (Disney movies still look pretty similar throughout the board), but when it’s in motion, it’s freaking amazing. Speaking of motion, and “The Lego Movie,” surprise! We now have another animated movie this year that manages to sneak in some awesome action! (no not you How to Train Your Dragon 2, you weren’t as creative) It’s not groundbreaking or anything, but it’s just creative and fun enough to always be entertaining.

The characters are very much the driving force of this movie, our main character Hiro is able to have just enough new twists to make this kind of character type not feel annoying, as it tends to be. The clear character winner is Baymax however. I’m really glad they didn’t have the whole stupid “Robot learns the meaning of humanity” thing that most other movies would have, because his character just doesn’t need it. He’s just as compelling on his own as this adorable, squishy little robot whose only reason for existing is to help people. He’s great, and you can bet kids are going to buy the heck out of this thing. The rest of the “Big Hero 6” are entertaining, but sadly somewhat on note. I feel like any one of them could have held a movie on their own, but they just don’t get enough time to develop.

That’s really the only problem I have with the movie, it just feels a little rushed. Now that’s not so much of a problem since this thing will probably get itself a sequel, but I really just was left wanting more. I wanted to see some more of Baymax being hilarious, I wanted to see more of the team, I wanted for Hiro to make some more cool gadgets. But still, that’s probably a good sign all things considered.

This movie doesn’t do anything to creative with the villain, (other than a reveal that you’ll slap yourself for not seeing a mile away) but they do give him some interesting motivations. So there’s a plus!

The world that they create in this movie could actually hold its own against a lot of other super-hero cities. It’s been a while since I saw a city this interesting and full of potential in a movie. Well it is called “Sanfransokyo,” so I guess that should tip you off.

Big Hero 6 is yet another win for what has so far been a pretty good run for Disney. Here’s hoping for some more Marvel properties adapted to animation! And here’s hoping that this manages to make people stop worshiping “Frozen” like it’s some kind of second coming for Disney! I mean the movie was good, but was it really that good? But that’s a debate for a different day I guess.

Movie Rating:

The Media Fire gives this movie 8.5/10

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