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My thoughts on Spider-man coming to the MCU (and a look back on Amazing Spider-man 2)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie review

So time to jump on the band-wagon of recent topics (even if the bandwagon has good and properly left the station) and talk about Spider-man joining the MCU!

This honestly might be some of the unexpected and joyous movie news I’ve received concerning super-hero movies in a long time. Spider-man joining forces with the Avengers and co. had always seemed like nothing more then an amusing daydream. I mean come on. We already had another series of movies with him going on, why on Earth would Sony just decide to hand over the reins to Disney?

Well let’s just say that that other series of movies hasn’t been going nearly as well as expected.

Now a while back I reviewed both of the Amazing Spider-man movies, specifically right before and after the new movie came out last May. While I probably still stand by everything I said about Amazing Spider-man 1 (short version: it’s ok) I’d really appreciate it if everyone could just forget everything I’ve said about Amazing Spider-man 2. I guess I was caught up in the moment seeing as how I just arrived home from seeing the movie, and I basically fawned over it like it was the freaking second coming of Spider-man. Seriously, I’m not sure if anything I said was remotely close to legitimate criticism. Thinking back on it now (and with a heaping helping of other movie-critics opinions to observe) I can only really describe it as a mess. Sony was really banking on this movie being a success so that they could set up their own cinematic universe of Spider-man supporting characters, so much so that actual coherent plot and characters seem to have taken the back seat.

Electro is embarrassingly under-developed, Rhino was overhyped, Green Goblin….. Was he good? I’m not even sure at this point. The plot jumps around without seeming to have to much of an actual point except, “Hey, you saw this in the trailer, now here’s the 5 seconds or so of the scene we didn’t show you!” ….. And yet, I still don’t think it’s a terrible super-hero movie.

It’s still not the worst Spider-man movie by a long shot, seeing as how that honor still belongs to Spider-man 3. A movie which really didn’t have any reason to go as wrong as it did. I mean, honestly, WHAT HAPPENED WITH SPIDER-MAN 3? And yeah, there are still moments from Amazing Spider-man 2 that I really love. The action has never looked better, Andrew Garfield is still much more entertaining (not really better, but more entertaining) then Toby Maguire in my opinion. The romance is so overly cute…. actually that may be a problem. Anyway I was more on board with Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield then I ever was with Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, or as I like to refer to her, walking plot device #441.

I still kind of like Amazing Spider-man 2, but I probably have no excuse for it. Anyway, this movie didn’t do nearly as good as Sony was hoping for, and it was probably that combined with the recent hackings that forced Sony’s hand in officially teaming up with Marvel to bring Spidey to the MCU. If I have one regret with this decision it’s that we probably still won’t see Miles Morals being brought to the big screen, but hey, I guess even if we’re living in the nerd Golden-age, we can’t have everything.

Sooooo… I think that’s about it. To recap, Marvel bringing Spidey to the MCU rocks, and I’ve revised my opinions about Amazing Spider-man 2. See you guys next time!

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