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Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Movie Review


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The action is immensely great in Thor: Ragnarok. From beginning to end, you get your taste of Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), and the supporting cast (both new faces as well as old) Kicking butt by the dozens. Tearing through monsters. Facing insurmountable odds that they have to fight their way out of in order to survive. These scenes are awesome and are just as well-done as they are in the first two films. However, what separates these two films from Thor and Thor: The Dark World is the fact that Ragnarok doesn’t rely on the film’s action to carry it. At its core, there is so much more than mere kicks and punches.

Very similar to what Logan and Spider-Man: Homecoming achieved, Thor: Ragnarok is a fresh take on the superhero genre. Sure it follows the same formula to a certain extent, like the stakes being ridiculously high, but it does so all its own. Even those high stakes are turned into a joke in a multitude of ways.

With rumors abounding of Disney buying out 21st Century Fox to gain more access to Marvel properties (X-men, Fantastic Four), Marvel Studios (owned by Disney) continues to churn out superhero hit after hit. Seriously, when my biggest complaint is wishing for more scenes of Hulk and Thor teaming up, you have to be doing something right.

From a CGI/visual effects standpoint, expect the absolute best. The set designs are as rich as the characters themselves. From the beautiful views of space to the fantasy-sci-fi mold of Asgard that blends both genres seamlessly, there is a lot to love and take in. Locations like Surtur’s lair and the gladiator arena really help contribute to some very memorable scenes.

You expect Hemsworth and Ruffalo to hold their own. They better, they’ve been here before. Too many times to count. What sent me over the edge was how everyone else did as well, including the higher-billed actors as well as the ones with a mere handful of lines. Getting back to Hemsworth for a moment, he’s definitely in rare form this time around, delivering punchline after punchline. Nothing forced, just his average, I’m-one-of-the-bros style comedy has a way of keeping you on your toes. Thessa Thompson (Valkyrie) almost stole the show from him doing a phenomenal job of taking on the role of a “war angel” running away from the war, both mentally and physically. If it wasn’t for these awesome roles, the movie doesn’t work as the viewer would carry more of a desire to be bludgeoned over the head with action as opposed to being treated to the solid five-course meal that is a complete movie.

Thor is at his best in Thor: Ragnarok as he is trying to stop his homeland from being decimated by the evil Hela (Shoutout to Cate Blanchett!). I purposefully keep these particular reviews as surface as I can so as not to spoil anything. I give it a solid 90 and count it as the third best superhero movie done this year.

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