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I’m an avid movie watcher with a passion for writing screenplays, which took me to New York last year. There I studied at the NY Film Academy for screenwriting, I really love the art of movies from the silly popcorn blockbusters to the beautiful aesthetic indie darlings, every film has a story to tell…mostly!

I want to continue coming up with new ideas and still write reviews for movies from current release and the past.



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Baby Driver Trailer

Baby Driver REVIEW

It's been a while....but am I back with a blistering joy of a movie? The answer to that question is ...
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Rogue One REVIEW

'Rebellions are built on hope'. Wise words Ms. Erso, and so too are films of this standing, coming a year ...
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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them REVIEW

Lumos! Light up the WB in the clouds as we’re back in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. This time ...
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Arrival REVIEW

Forget little green men or ships over the White House; though with the recent vote, a massive evil spacecraft over ...
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Nosferatu movie review

Nosferatu REVIEW

Hark, I hear the symphony of horrors calling and shuttling on a horse with it is a spindly man seeking ...
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Doctor Strange movie review

Doctor Strange REVIEW

Hello, the Doctor is in and waiting to warp your senses to miraculous healing. Well okay, it may not be ...
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The Girl on the Train movie review

The Girl on the Train REVIEW

All aboard the thriller train. Toot toot! Let's shimmy over the pond to New York for the new story setting ...
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The Girl With All The Gifts

The Girl With All the Gifts REVIEW

Down in the actual dumps Britain is not helped by the swarms of Hungries, an organism infected horde of zombies ...
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Hunt For The Wilderpeople movie review

Hunt for the Wilderpeople REVIEW

I'm stepping into the greenery of New Zealand for this review, as Tupac, pigs, guns and mistaken perversion all contribute ...
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Bad Moms movie Review


Bottoms up people, let's get on the drunken mum bandwagon, yes that's right...boozy mums and mums without the 'o' too ...
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Am I a watcher or a player? Am I watcher or a player? Well if this game of playing dare ...
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Suicide Squad REVIEW

Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaaa! The Joker is back and now he's not the only bad guy to fear. DC are ...
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Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne REVIEW

The name's Bourne, Jason Bourne....oops wrong J & B spy movie. The mid-week is amped up thanks to this new ...
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The BFG REVIEW (2016)

Hello fellow human beans...time for another review then. It's a venture into the land of whizpops, snozzcumbers and meat-drippers as ...
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ghostbusters reboot movie review

Ghostbusters REVIEW

"I ain't afraid of no ghost." But should I be afraid of this remake? Read on with my latest review ...
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