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The Bye Bye Man: A Disgrace to the Genre

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Ahh, my favorite time of year for movies, January (sarcastically).  It’s the time of year where studios throw in the mediocrity that is on display in many films this month.  Sometimes there is a movie that comes out in January that is surprisingly decently made. However, even that’s rare, especially in the horror genre.  For my first movie of January 2017, we have “The Bye Bye Man.”  The best way to describe it; a disgrace to the genre.

The movie follows three college students who purchase a house to live at instead of dorms rooms.  They start noticing strange things when they find something about the house that they probably shouldn’t have.  After discovering this secret, their lives are turned upside down.

Just by the description, you know already that this is a lifeless and generic horror flick.  There are no well known actors, and no experienced director.  I’m not a huge fan of ripping movies too much because I respect creativity however, this was just disgraceful.  Movies are about originality and pushing boundaries and this film does the opposite of that.

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This reminded me of last year’s “The Forest,” and “The Boy,” but worse.  There was not one redeeming quality of this film other than it was laughable at some points.  I thought that there would be at least some twists and turns that would keep it engaging, but there wasn’t.

The core cast of Douglas Smith, Lucien Laviscount, and Cressida Bonas had countless awkward scenes mostly because of their acting.  Not to mention the script did not help their case either.  Some of the things said during this movie was baffling and questionable.  This included a quote from one of the characters calling a girl “clean and beautiful” quite randomly.

The Bye Bye Man Trailer

The last thing that a horror director wants is for people to laugh during their movie.  This was not avoided during this film.  This just looked like another January horror film taking the check.  It’s a shame because I feel like there is an opportunity to create something original in this genre, and it’s rare when that happens.

All in all, you know Oscar season is over when a movie like this comes out.  The film feels way too long for its hour and thirty six minute running time as well.  I was disappointed to say the least experiencing this train wreck.  Overall, the film is hard to watch after the half hour mark due to its incompetence.

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