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Storks Summary & Review

Storks movie review

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Warner Bros. Pictures has made some great animated movies over the years. They made the highly underrated Looney Tunes: Back in Action, and created one of the best animated movies I have ever seen, The Lego Movie. Now, after two years of waiting for their next movie, they have finally given it to us. They have made their first CG animated film titled Storks.

This movie expands on the classic, childhood legend that storks deliver babies to families that need them. Except now, the storks have moved on from babies and have become a postal service. The best stork on the team, Junior (Andy Samberg), is about to be promoted when the human worker on the team, Tulip (Katie Crown), accidentally creates a baby. Not wanting to lose his position, they decide to deliver the baby to the waiting family.

While The Lego Movie is still much better, Storks is a highly enjoyable animated film. The humor was great, the voice cast was perfect, and the story was fun (maybe a little too generic). I found myself laughing at many different parts of the movie. I did think the humor was a little too improvised (the improv was very obvious) but it was very effective in most places.

What I really loved about the movie was the animation. I loved the look and feel of the characters and settings. It had a very similar feel to Looney Tunes, which makes sense seeing as how Warner Bros made it. It gave me a real break from the ultra-realistic Disney animation. I don’t mind seeing animated movies that look real, but it’s always nice to get at least one animated movie that isn’t afraid to look cartoony. This one certainly was one of those.

In the end, Storks was a very entertaining family movie. It may not have been the most original or the funniest, but it still had enough entertaining and heartwarming moments for it to be a good time at the movies. I am very excited for Warner Animation Group’s next films because they’re making up for delaying The Lego Movie sequel by giving us 2 Lego Movie spin-offs. I am going to have a fun time with that next year.

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