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Stinky Food While Watching I,Frankenstein

Stinky Food While Watching I,Frankenstein

When we go see a new movie release, we like to factor in some popcorn, some drinks, and maybe the nachos platter. People in the theater usually do a good job of eating their meals before the movie starts. Yes, we sometimes have to endure the rattling and of bag of M&M’s because someone thinks the yellow ones taste worse than the blue ones.

Movie theaters do a good job of not giving out options that can stink up the joint. However, during my recent viewing of I, Frankenstein a lady sitting in front of us decided the options at the concession stand was not to her liking. Apparently, she was in a Sesame chicken platter mood.

I enjoy Chinese cuisine has much as the next person. But you could tell by the smell and the look that was not one of your top Chinese take-out restaurants. You have to realize that movie theaters don’t have the proper ventilation to remove oily vapors or the stench from bad Chinese. She did not realize this modern invention. During the first hour of I,Frankenstein, we all had to suffer the odor from row G seat 18.

It’s not so much the food that really bothered me. It was the fact that she got this into the theater. We’ve all seen take-out boxes and the bags they come in. You can’t miss that white and red art. Not to mention the grease stain that slowly spreads across the bottom of the bag if the bag is tipped ever so slightly. Did the ticket checker just not see the bag? Did they have a head cold that prevented them from smelling what was in the container? Even if the lady had some how hidden the box in her coat, you would still notice a bulge.

All of this could have been prevented if someone up front was a little more alert. I guess kudos to the lady for sneaking it in. Maybe I will try shoving some surf n turf in my pocket next time.

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