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Star Trek Beyond – Video Movie Review

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It’s been a bad summer readers. But Star Trek Beyond does break the barriers and goes beyond, by standing out!

I refuse to see Suicide Squad, the only way to stop bad movies being made is to stop watching bad movies. Understand this people.

Star Trek Beyond is a fantastic film which is accessible for newcomers to the franchise and the lifelong fans. It has enough references to make the nerds happy and enough action movie stuff for the newcomers.

Unlike the previous outing of Star Trek Into Darkness, which was a blatant Wrath of Khan remake. JJ Abrams loves to disguise remakes as new films. I.E. Star Wars – The Force Awakens.

Justin Lin however has some integrity and so do the screenwriters of this film Simon Pegg & Doug Jung. The duo of Pegg & Jung seem like massive fans of the franchise, the attention to detail is astounding and the maturity with which certain elements of story progression are handled are astounding.

Astounding, because of subtlety.  One death scene is handled with such class, it’s a breather in this summer filled with crap like Batman v Superman. The anti-subtle film.

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