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A short movie review: Padlock


Padlock: A short film review

I wouldn’t usually do this type of review, but one of the producers of this short film, Padlock, got in contact with me and I agreed to review it. I won’t do the usual 6 points format, simply because this movie is 17 minutes long, and there isn’t enough in a short film to do a full 6 point review for.

So Padlock is a short film, focusing on Domestic Violence, but with the male as the victim. This is something that is overlooked in society, and there is one scene in particular, that really got this sort of perception that it is always the males fault across excellently. This issue is clearly something that the Director, Ben Hyland is very passionate about, and it came across through the movie.

From a cinematic point of view, the movie fires on all cylinders. Everything from the excellent cinematography, engaging score and clever acting, this short movie had everything that a movie like this needed. But the real point of this movie is the issue at hand, and it is portrayed perfectly. It makes you really think hard about what was just put across on the screen. You can’t help but praise everyone involved in the movie for having the guts to go out and make something like this.

There was some fine acting in this movie as well, with some solid up and coming actors/actresses to keep an eye out for. Particularly the lead girl, Gina Bramhill, whose character was a hard one to portray, yet it was done immaculately. To be honest the entire film is meticulously crafted.

My one and only gripe is that there could have been another five or so minutes added on. I get that those involved were going for the short film status, but a simple five more minutes might have given us more of an insight into the characters, or some scenes could have been fleshed out.

I won’t rate this movie, because it’s kind of hard with a short movie. I urge all of you to find a way to watch this movie. It is premiering in April in London, so if you’re interested, give me a shout and I will pass your message on to the filmmakers, or go to the Twitter page and look out for details there. Even if you are interested in giving the movie a watch, which I highly advise you to, give either the above handles a shout, or maybe I could try and organise something if you get into contact with me.

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