Shallow Water1

Shallow Water – Short Film Review

Synopsis: Short film: 18 minutes A group of adventurers arrive at a fabled fishing spot in Mexico only to realize ...
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4 Cyberpunk Shorts (You Should See)

Four short sci-fi films more worthy of your time than the new Ghost in the Shell. If you would like ...
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Blue Apples - Short Film Review

Blue Apples is a touching short film that provokes your vision of art, through the eyes of a blind painter.

“Blue Apples” is a short drama film, about a blind painter, Violet. Ironically even girl’s name is a colour, which ...
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A short movie review: Padlock

Padlock: A short film review I wouldn’t usually do this type of review, but one of the producers of this short ...
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Red Velvet short film review

The Red Velvet received it’s sixteenth Official Selection at the Russian Horror Movie Awards

Eric and Rebecca have almost recovered from an ambiguous addiction. They invite their neighbors to a dinner party. However, one ...
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Rayanna Dibs

The Adventures of Sally’s Inner Demons – A Short Film Review

The Adventures of Sally’s Inner Demons is a great short drama that takes a dark look at a single woman ...
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We Just Want To Play - A Short Film Review

We Just Want To Play – A Short Film Review

We Just Want To Play is a fun teen-comedy that follows the usual college/university traits. There are some positive signs ...
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The Deja Vuers

The Deja Vuers – Short Film Review

Synopsis: Directed by Chris Esper and written by Jason K. Allen. Starring: Christie Davine, Kris Salvi, Craig Capone, and JP ...
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Gary From Accounting

Gary From Accounting – A Short Film Review

Gary From Accounting is an extremely funny and entertaining short film. A witty script and some fantastic acting make this short ...
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Home Education – Short Film Review

Synopsis: Short Film. An inquisitive girl is convinced by her controlling mother that her dead dad will resurrect if they ...
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Illegal Aliens1

Illegal Aliens – Short Film Review

Synopsis: Short Film. Due to the recent arrival of undocumented immigrants, the city of Simpletown holds a special session city ...
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Boris in the Forest movie review

1 Minute To Midnight – Short Film Reviews By Benjamin Brown

1 Minute To Midnight Reviews by Benjamin Brown As the clock strikes twelve…1 Minute To Midnight presented a marvellously morbid ...
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VR – A Short Film Review

A compelling bout of speculative fiction, featuring emergent tech, vengeful spirits and lifestyle choices Donald Trump's cabinet wouldn't approve of ...
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Emotional Motor Unit – A Short Film Review

A sci-fi short packing a weird title and a startling impact ...
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The Halloween Girl – Halloween Spook-tacular #4

And so The Violet Cause Halloween Spook-tacular comes to its demise. We end with a poetic and atmospheric ghost story, ...
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