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Shallow Water – Short Film Review


Short film: 18 minutes

A group of adventurers arrive at a fabled fishing spot in Mexico only to realize that they are being hunted by a creature that lurks in the dark, shallow waters and that help will not be arriving any time soon.

Shallow Water1



Review Summary:

Shallow Water is a proof of concept for creature designer Sandy Collora. It is meant to either lead way for a feature length film or an anthology horror series. Because of the quality of the short, I would be happy with either one of these outcomes.

The Good:

Creature Design – Since the director, Sandy Collora, is a known creature designer, it is a great relief that the monster is done well. It fits within the story well and gives an interesting look into how the creature lives.

Suspense Building – The key to a good horror movie is how it builds and delivers suspense. Shallow Water does a great job by throwing you right into the action and having to slowly learn what is going on as the story continues. There are many moments when I would expect one obvious outcome only to be presently surprised when something else would happen. Shallow Water kept me guess from beginning to end.

Shallow Water3

The Overall StoryShallow Water is, on many levels, your basic creature feature. However, what it does offer is the possibility to a larger universe just waiting to be explored.

The Ehh:

Effects Need Work – Shallow Water isn’t meant to be a final product just a proof of concept, so this is truly a minor gripe. But many of the effects need some work. The monster design is good, but still looks like a man in a suit. However, with a larger budget I am confident that this will be fixed.

Shallow Water2


Shallow Water is an excellent proof of concept that I would love to see more of. I think it would work as a feature length film, but I’d actually like it better as an episode of a TV series. I would like to see Sandy Collora develop multiple creatures and storylines rather than sticking to a single one. If you ever get a chance to see Sandy Collora’s Shallow Waters, I’d definitely recommend it.

Movie Rating:

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